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Where to take my DS for Birthday tea - near Oxford Street - gulp...

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AgathaPinchBottom Wed 20-Feb-13 16:23:09

Right. My DS turns 2 tomorrow and I've had a short meeting scheduled that I simply can't get out of I am going to take the Birthday boy with me to Oxford Street. I thought it would be nice to take him for tea and cake somewhere really lovely to celebrate - just the two of us. Anyone got any recommendations. The meeting is actually near Charlotte Street but anywhere in vicinity of Oxford Circus would be grand. Any ideas?

TakingTheStairs Wed 20-Feb-13 16:27:06

Choccywoccydoodah have a shop & cafe about 5/6 mins walk from Oxford Circus.
There are loads of really interesting things to look at in the shop. and then the cafe upstairs... but if he likes to run around then that's maybe not the best cafe for safety.

AgathaPinchBottom Wed 20-Feb-13 16:50:46

sounds great! Will google - thank you!

Titchyboomboom Wed 13-Mar-13 01:26:36

Rainforest cafe? Not sure how far it is from there

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