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Car boot sale tips

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Lilliput Sat 29-Apr-06 18:59:29

Doing my first car boot tomorrow. Any tips? I'm selling mostly baby stuff.

expatinscotland Sat 29-Apr-06 19:00:30

I'm going tomorrow, too. Not first time, but any tips are good!

I think I may have priced my stuff too low last time. I have some maternity tops that are pretty much new.

desperatehousewife Sat 29-Apr-06 19:01:58

think about what prices you want to sell stuff for (remember everyone will try to beat you down on price) Take lots of carrier bags to put peoples purchases in! And take some change with you as people will probably pay with notes.
Take a flask of tea/coffee and some sarnies for yourself as you'll need it!

Also all the other booters will be over your car like a swarm of flies before you've even unpacked your boot, to see if you have anything they want. Really annoying when you are trying to set up, but smile and grit your teeth!
Good luck and have fun!

mistressmiggins Sat 29-Apr-06 19:03:02

my first tomorrow too

am really excited

havent priced up anything - is that a mistake?

I am just thinking about selling everything for either 50p or £1

I just want to come home with an empty car and some money

desperatehousewife Sat 29-Apr-06 19:05:59

i woulnd't bother pricing stuff up - make it up on the spot.

zippitrippitoes Sat 29-Apr-06 19:06:25

I think the biggest tip is get there at first light..the most sales are done then and later it's a lot of browsers and no sales

bonkerz Sat 29-Apr-06 19:07:34

best thing i saw at a booty was baby clothes placed in freezer bags and put in basket! All clean stuff and she sold per bag, think she did £1 a bag and matched outfits etc!

Skribble Sat 29-Apr-06 23:38:43

If any of you virgin carbooters are up...

Take a friend or DP if he will be any use.

Take a float, you first customers will have £10 and £20 notes. Keep the money in pockets or a bum bag.

Do have a think about prices so that you don't sell your best next baby dress for 50p. Give a high price first, then come down if they haggle, if you start low you have no where to go.

Fill car now and put the table in last.

Carefull with pasteing tables they will collapse easily, if thats all you have put heavier items at each end and keep the light stuff in the middle.

If you have any clear plastic its handy for covering up if it rains it lets people still see what you have.

I use a parasol on a longer pole to keep me and the stuff in the middle of the table dry, watch that it is high enough not to poke eyes out. Set it up in a base in the middle behind the table for maximum protection .

If its in a field take some plastic (bin bags) for setting out things on the ground under table and at the sides, so they don't get damp from the grass.

Take a seat, perching on the back of the car gets uncomfortable.

Take snacks so you don't spend all your takings at the burger van, but a bacon roll mid morning is compulsory.

Go to bed you will have to be up early, earlier than they say as people will be setting up at least 3hrs before opening time.

pussycatmomma Sun 30-Apr-06 00:07:25

actually was at a car boot today, and second the other ladies advice re. freezer bags (though it may be a bit late for you now) Lady i saw had outfits bagged with a label on front with brand, description, and age on it) She looked like she was doing pretty well to me.

Lilliput Sun 30-Apr-06 15:05:20

Made £60, ehich I think was not too bad considering I was pretty disorganised. Roped a friend in too, she sold mainly toys and I sold mainly clothes. The sun was shining and it was a good laugh, I really enjoyed it so we are going to do another one in June.

mistressmiggins Sun 30-Apr-06 20:50:02

I made over £50
didnt bring much back - sold most things at 50p or £1 cos wanted to sell it !

really enjoyed it & SIL & I are deffo doing another one soon

thanks for tips - will remember them for next time

MrsWood Sun 30-Apr-06 23:25:40

Few weeks ago made £280 (on total CRAP may I add) at a HUGE car boot - today showed up late (10am) as it was raining early in the morning (3 rows car boot - LOL, didn't think I'd get entry fee back) - sold over £140 - again, all crap - love boot fairs
Thing is, car looks as full as it was - nothing better than lugging what seems to be all of it back, and with loads of money in the pocket

Will try and go tomorrow too.

My tip - take lots of change. There is always one that will hand over £20 for a 50p item LOL

CostaRicanCod Sat 13-Sep-08 18:41:11


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