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Oh hell, ex has had an accident

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Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 08:22:43

Got a message to ring Megans Dad's Mum this morning - ExP has had a bad accident - fallen 20ft off a building - fractured his skull, blood clot on his brain and possible damage to his spine

What a shock - i so hope he is ok - i think Ill go and see him today, need to see how bad he is for megan - i couldnt imagine having to tell her something was wrong with her daddy

Feel quite numb and dont know what to do

batey Sun 18-Jan-04 08:33:42

Gosh what a scock. Hope he and you are O.K. Have you got someone you can go with??

Hulababy Sun 18-Jan-04 08:35:05

What a shock and nightmare for you Becca. Hope things aren't as bad as they might seem at the moment.

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 08:35:41

no, cant really take my current dp or anything - could take a friend or one of my family but think i should just go alone - im friendly with his family so that should be ok (although his gf hates me)

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 09:36:35

Just had another call from his mum - Im going up to see him this afternoon - not looking forward to it at all

pie Sun 18-Jan-04 09:38:50

How awful Becca I hope everything is ok.

BekkiKay Sun 18-Jan-04 09:48:59

I'll be thinking of you this afternoon. Big hugs!

misdee Sun 18-Jan-04 10:06:10

oh gawd. i hope things arent as bad as they seem and he makes a good recovery for everyone especially your megan.

princesspeahead Sun 18-Jan-04 10:28:00

oh becca, I'm really really sorry. I hope he is OK and that he gets better soon for megan. look after yourself. xx

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 10:29:15

Thanks everyone

turns out he didnt fall *off* a building but inside one - fell off the top floor, through the stairwell of a pub.

WideWebWitch Sun 18-Jan-04 10:56:13

oh becca, how awful, I hope he's ok.

CountessDracula Sun 18-Jan-04 11:32:12

Oh becca how terrible, I really hope he's alright.

harman Sun 18-Jan-04 11:37:20

Message withdrawn

Luckymum Sun 18-Jan-04 11:58:24

Becca - what a shock for you and Megan - hope its not as bad as it first seems. Thinking of you

Festivefly Sun 18-Jan-04 12:04:29

Becca thinking of you, this is a horrible nightmare for you, i hope he is ok!!!!!!!!!!!
Take care of you and Megan, Good Luck

popsycal Sun 18-Jan-04 13:17:56

Oh god Becca
Hope that he is ok and that you and meg are too

SoupDragon Sun 18-Jan-04 13:39:56

Hope he's Ok and the visit goes OK. Thining of you...

Lisa78 Sun 18-Jan-04 13:58:05

Oh Becca, what an awful situation for you - bad enough that he is hurt, but to have to deal with the emotional fall out for your daughter and with his girlfriend too...
I hope he recovers fully and quickly, take care and please let us know how you get on this afternoon

SenoraPostrophe Sun 18-Jan-04 14:24:56

Oh no. Hope the visit goes OK and that he gets better soon.

Jenie Sun 18-Jan-04 14:38:20

Hope that your exp feels better soon, also that the visit isn't too bad for you.

Chandra Sun 18-Jan-04 14:38:30

Thinking of you and Megan, if we all can be of anyhelp for you or your MIL, etc let us know. **hugs**

emmatmg Sun 18-Jan-04 15:25:20

Hope everything went ok at the hosp becca. I'll be on msn again later if you want to chat. I'm sure everyone here will be here for you too.

Fingers crossed for good news.

WSM Sun 18-Jan-04 16:39:04

How awful becca. Hope things are better than they seem for DD's sake. Best of luck for the visit.

ponygirl Sun 18-Jan-04 16:45:41

Oh God, Becca, hope he and you and your dd are OK. Thinking of you and will check in later to see how you all are.

Beccarollover Sun 18-Jan-04 21:08:52

hi I went to see him - he was in quite a bad way although not as bad as id feared he might be - he was moved off high dependancy unit this afternoon so that is a good sign

He is having a scan tonight to see if clot needs operation on and they are not happy with the spine x ray - he is having further scans for that - i dont really know any more than that apart that he looked a mess

i feel rather depressed about it

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