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Instructions for babysitting daddy's

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stupidgirl Fri 16-Jan-04 21:54:37

Why don't they put link instructions on create a conversation????

Hang on....

stupidgirl Fri 16-Jan-04 21:56:43

instructions for a babysittingdaddy

JanHR Fri 16-Jan-04 22:00:09

I love that stupidgirl

JJ Fri 16-Jan-04 22:01:56

Very funny! What a great idea.

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 22:02:20

Thanks, stupidgirl - Michael Jackson really made me laugh!

hoxtonchick Fri 16-Jan-04 22:02:48


Hulababy Fri 16-Jan-04 22:04:50

nerdgirl Fri 16-Jan-04 22:05:21

Where's Dadslib when you need him?

Don't get me wrong it was funny but BOY was it sexist!

So I sniggered but I felt guilty especially with my dh in the other room after a hard day of looking after both our ds's (as he does every Thursday and Friday with no help from your truly)

stupidgirl Fri 16-Jan-04 22:11:07

Oh, what do I know, I'm a single mum! It was the Michael Jackson thing that made me giggle.

BearintheBigBlueHous Fri 16-Jan-04 22:42:25

ROFL - have printed it off as ready reference for when DW goes back to work again in March. I managed the last 18 months with DD without any major injuries (that can be attributed to me beyond reasonable doubt), but now DS (B-Dogg) is here, my inherent inability to multi-task may mean my eye is no longer on the ball. Thanks for sharing.

JanH Fri 16-Jan-04 22:54:11

Hi, Bear! How's things?

Hulababy Sat 17-Jan-04 08:33:11

I showed Dh and our friendmale) and they laughed.

nerdgirl Sat 17-Jan-04 09:34:00

The Michael Jackson bit got me too - very funny. Not trying to kill the joke with Political Correctness, I guess it's just the day that was in it.

I just thought what if it was renamed 'instuctions for a babysitting mammy'? I am ashamed to say that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't see the joke.

hmb Sat 17-Jan-04 09:37:01

It was sexist, but I showed it to dh and he laughed as much as I did. I think it could be 'to whichever parent doesn't to most of the baby care'. Dh would have been the first to admit that he didn't understand our kids as much when they were babies, because I did most of the hands on care. Now they are older we have a much more equal share in the care and also the expertise!

BearintheBigBlueHous Sat 17-Jan-04 23:17:54

Hey JanH,
Bear's OK thanks for asking. DS (14 wks) is really putting us through the mill at the mo. A month of caring for poxy kids and little or no sleep hasn't been ideal but every day has its wonderful moments which more than compensate. At the end of our tethers, we've enforced changes in his routine, which has meant I'm now able to grab a few minutes late at night to get online and improve my parenting skills.

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