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Baby Observation near Ricmond/Kew

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DebbieBeadle Wed 30-Jan-13 18:09:28

Would you like to be involved in a unique experience with your baby?

I am studying a MA in Play Therapy at Roehampton University. As part of my course and training as a therapist I have to complete a baby observation. This is to help me understand how a human being grows and to see the development of the special relationship and bond between care giver and child. The placement will be for 30 weeks. I am expected to visit the baby in their home at the same time for an hour each week. Obviously there will be times when this may need to change depending on commitments of the family. During that hour the parent should continue as they normally would and I have to observe the baby in their environment and notice how they respond to what is happening around them.

I will not make notes during the session, it is more an experiential process, however i will write up what the baby did during the season afterwards to take to the process group. No one else sees these notes and they never get publicised to any other party. My notes for the group are also annonymised.

I am fully supported by the university and can provide supportinmg documents and CRB checks.

Many parents who have been through this process describe it as a very special experience. If this is something that you feel you can accomodate or if you would like any more information then do contact me. I am available to talk over the phone and can meet in person first.

Thank you so much for your help with this in advance

Debbie Beadle

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