How to establish a creche

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321 Mon 24-Apr-06 17:08:59

Would appreciate any experience you have in establishing a creche. This is for an hour a week during a Church service. Does it need to be registered anywhere? also with new requirements how do you store or hold others names and addresses? Many thanks if you have any advice you can share.

babyonboard Mon 24-Apr-06 17:42:34

oh goodnes..good luck to you but I can't even bear to think about the paper work/redtape/ legislations involved with this.
it's that sad..even small community groups have to go through it.
Sad, as a group of friends can't set up this kind of thing on grounds of trust without all the paperwork.
yet also good, as an organisation you have to protect yourself (see recent child choking in the news, various paedophilia stories) and as a parent you wouldwant that to be assured foryou..

321 Mon 24-Apr-06 18:12:55

Yes, fortunatlely the important aspect concerning C R B checks is in place as the parish has to comply with this for other activities. Is anyone running a successful v. part time creche?

roisin Mon 24-Apr-06 18:19:41

As I understand it, you don't have to register with Ofsted, etc., as it's less than 2 hrs per week.

For child protection reasons though you must get everyone who staffs the creche to be CRB checked, and you must always have at least 2 people there.

I've been involved in organising creches/Sunday Schools in various churches over the past 10 yrs. So do ask any specific questions.

A good 'system' that works is a couple of regulars on an alternate basis, and then any parent using the creche has to do one session per month.

What age range are you having in your creche?

purpleturtle Mon 24-Apr-06 18:35:05

Your Diocese probably has a children's worker who could help you as well.

Skribble Mon 24-Apr-06 23:26:00

I would get in touch with your local councils pre five department, it was a few years back but when I was prepairing a proposal for a creche for work they were very helpful. You will also have to find out about public liability insurrance, this might be covered by they churches insurrance but if not pre 5's should have names of companies thet do insurrance specifically for creches.

321 Tue 25-Apr-06 11:18:28

Thank you, all very helpful. Roisin, the creche would run for children age 1 to 5. am I right in thinking the ratios are 1:3 children under two and 1:4 children over two?

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