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where do I go from here??(possibly very long)

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mouseymummy Sun 27-Jan-13 15:13:18


mouseymummy Fri 25-Jan-13 19:52:22

Sorry pressed send too soon.

s there anything I can do and how do I go about getting a copy of this plan so I can see what we might be up against.

When it comes to the custody case, we are just going to have to ride that out for now and see where this goes before taking it further

mouseymummy Fri 25-Jan-13 19:48:54

When I was 19 I had my first dd, I was a single parent and had pnd, my health visitor referred me to home start and in turn they referred me to social services. I had a social worker for 3 months, once I got myself sorted with anti depressants and got my life in order and the social worker signed me off her records and that was that. I never had any formal meetings and I was never asked to sign anything or do anything, our meetings were very informal and she used to come over with advice and help me with small things and tell me if there was anything she thought I might need. ( like safety gates for when dd started walking or play pen so I didn't have to put dd in tge cot or high chair when I was cleaning). I never thought anything of it until a month or so ago.

My dh has a child from a previous relationship and we see her every other weekend and we have a dd of our own now. My dsd has had ss involved due to a risk, I can't say what. My dh has been considering going for custody and the social worker was asked to do an assessment on us, as we lodged our intentions with everyone involved with dsd. When tge sw came
Round she informed us that as I had had a "child in need plan" in place for my dd, this would go against us as it proved that I wasn't stable and as I would be "stepping in as the role of mummy" instability was the last thing my dsd needed. (I don't want a mummy role with dsd but I will be doing things like the school run with her as dh works and I don't)

I don't understand how ss could put my dd on a plan like this and not consult me! was 19 at the time and I'm now 28 but that won't make a difference according to the sw.

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