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Home decorator woman... grrr

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Lethal Thu 15-Jan-04 07:02:49

I had a woman come to my house this afternoon to do a measure & quote for some blinds and pelmets that I'm thinking of having done. Well - the whole thing was total pain. Firstly she made comments about ds being an only child, and asked me if I was intending to have any more children (??????). Then when we got on to the subject of the window furnishings, she disagreed with everything I wanted. I told her I wanted a roman blind on my kitchen window - only to be met with a look of disgust - and then she strongly suggested that I put a frilly little valance on it instead. Eventually I gave up talking about the blind and told her I also wanted pelmets for my sliding doors, to which she said "oh they're very expensive" and looked at me as though I should change my mind immediately. I practically had to force her to give me a written quote for anything - it was like the whole thing was just too hard.

Then to finish it all off, ds was showing off a bit while she was here (he's 3 1/2) and at one point he threw one of his t-shirts on the floor - not in a temper, just being silly. I couldn't believe it when she looked at him sternly and said "PICK THAT UP!!!" DS just froze in his tracks and didn't know what to do, and I was too taken aback to say anything. After a moment he picked it up and walked away, and then she started saying how all little boys were the same.

Needless to say I'm not going to bother with this particular company and I've organised for a different one to come out and give me a quote... but I've already waited about 4 weeks for this woman to come and see me!!! I cannot believe how some people keep their jobs if that's the way they treat customers... I'm still a bit stunned by her to say the least.

SoupDragon Thu 15-Jan-04 08:08:14

Outrageous! Is she part of a company or a one-woman-show? Either way I'd write and explain why I wasn't taking up her quotes.

Lethal Thu 15-Jan-04 08:30:19

Part of quite a major company, believe it or not SoupDragon. But I've often thought that they're attitude to service wasn't quite up to scratch...

Lethal Thu 15-Jan-04 08:41:28

Sorry that should've been "their" in my last post

sis Thu 15-Jan-04 10:04:29

Lethal, that's awful! As she is part of a big company, have you thought about complaining? she will carry on behaving this way until she is warned that if she doesn't stop, she will loose her job!

M2T Thu 15-Jan-04 10:09:01

lethal - What a cheeky witch! I would definitely write to them and let them know exactly why you are not choosing their company!!

Lethal Thu 15-Jan-04 10:53:45

TBH I don't know if the company would care too much!!! They are a very big department store that deals with haberdashery/craft supplies/linen/home furnishings, etc, you name it. I think the reason people keep going there is that they stock an awful lot of stuff and it's generally at cheaper prices than other stores. But their service is shocking, they seem to employ only women in their fifties who think nothing of keeping customers waiting for ages while they talk on the phone, or pimply young men with a bad attitude and obviously no idea about dealing with customers. And the funny thing is, everyone I've spoken to who's been to this store, all agree about how woeful their service is. Looks like they have the monopoly on this particular market

I still can't get over the woman telling my son off in my own home.

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