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favourite useful websites

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snugglebug Sat 22-Apr-06 22:01:24

What are yours? I had some great favourites for shopping bargains, health, parenting, recipes etc. but they have all been wiped. I would reccomend (apart from mnet) moneysaving Thanks in advance!

Posey Sat 22-Apr-06 22:07:11

Tvark, TVcream and radiorewind.
Just a load of great nostalgia but useful in that I can go and find out something that is bugging me rather than being kept awake!

groggymama Sat 22-Apr-06 22:32:26

i love this when I'm at work

snugglebug Sun 23-Apr-06 09:46:47

any more favourites?

Hausfrau Sun 23-Apr-06 09:49:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snugglebug Sun 23-Apr-06 13:53:33

thanks for your suggestions. Any others?

lahdeedah Sun 23-Apr-06 14:00:20


lou33 Sun 23-Apr-06 14:17:22

This for currency conversion, this for photo hosting, this for converting other things, and this for slang The last one comes in v handy for me as the website i post on most, and the spin off one i work on, is mainly american

peanutbutter Sun 23-Apr-06 20:13:38

this is a website which finds you items listed on ebay with spelling mistakes in the title - like mclaren for example. You type in what you're looking for eg. maclaren, and it'll search for all possible spellings.
this is for voucher codes for free delivery for Next n whatnot. this is a website where stolen goods/property is auctioned off by the police - very good website and not too widely known (til now ), but i don't think they post stuff out so it really has to be a police force fairly close to you.
this is Freecycle - a brilliant brilliant website that I'm happy to promote - we got rid of a hulking great sofabed that we were expecting to have to cart to the tip, and a lovely young couple just starting out in their first home took it from us for their spare room.

snugglebug Sun 23-Apr-06 21:11:08

These are excellent. What's in your favourites?

charliecat Sun 23-Apr-06 21:19:14 for listening to music similar to stuff you love.

snugglebug Sun 23-Apr-06 21:20:31


snugglebug Mon 24-Apr-06 12:44:38

any more for any more folks?

snugglebug Mon 24-Apr-06 12:44:47

any more for any more folks?

babyonboard Mon 24-Apr-06 13:16:52

this is greatfor searching for films by directors/actors you already know and like..and getting new suggestions. is great for funny!

and is really good for checking reviews onthings you might wantto buy. plus if you jointhey send you paid email surveys and pay you for your own review (me and dp make £30ish per month for occasional writing/surveys on there)
for honest reviews on hotels/cities etc..invaluable when booking a holiday.

Mamazon Tue 21-Jul-09 23:09:01

well ive been trying to order a dress for bloody ages.
It wont give me an account because i think the woman that lived here before had one and its obviously in debt.
Im trying to ay by card but even though it takes me through to my bank to verify my details it keeps saying that " an error has occured and my transaction can'#t be continued" or something.

its realy annoying. i want the dress for a wedding. mind you i started trying to buy it at full price and its now less than half price so if i do get it i'll be happy

LynetteScavo Tue 21-Jul-09 23:12:15

What are you whittling on about, Mamazon?

Bizare thread resarection!

Mamazon Tue 21-Jul-09 23:28:40

how on earth has that happened?
i posted this on the Next thread.

hmmm wierdy wierdy.

Webme1 Sat 15-Aug-09 15:48:51 Questions and answers on every conceivable subject. Great for getting tips on almost anything. Sensible advice on anything financial. Particularly useful for finding activities for children in school holidays. Great for finding bargains.

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