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Pack lunch jokes!

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batey Wed 14-Jan-04 16:31:19

I was reading the other day about joke telling being a good way for kids the increase their social/communication skills, at it suggested putting little jokes in their lunch boxes. I may get a joke book but in the meantime........anyone got any kids jokes. Dd1 is 6/Y1, her favourites being ones like-

What do you call a line of Barbies

A Barbeque!

Why do giraffes have such long legs

'Cos they have smelly feet!

Bottom humour always makes her fall about too. Anyone got any gems???

Hulababy Wed 14-Jan-04 16:36:03

You can try here

CountessDracula Wed 14-Jan-04 17:20:16

My dad used to do this when he made my packed lunches, I would be eating a sandwich and would suddenly crunch on a bit of paper, pull it out and it would say "I love you" or have a silly joke or drawing on it! He used to put little things in for my friends who were boarders too like penguins with stickers with their names on them!

CountessDracula Wed 14-Jan-04 17:21:35

What's brown and sticky? A stick. (that's my favorite clean joke god I'm puerile!)

Janstar Wed 14-Jan-04 17:25:47

What a charming idea! CD, your dad sounds lovely.

I had a friend whose dad made her sandwiches for her. We used to eat mine in our morning break and hers at lunch time. One day when she was off sick I phoned to ask after her, and her dad answered. I joked that I wasn't worried about her, but missed my sandwiches, and after that he put extra ones in every day for me.

Lisa78 Wed 14-Jan-04 17:42:00

whats pink and square?
an orange in disguise

batey Wed 14-Jan-04 18:44:03

Thanks for those.

Surely someones got a bottom joke or two??!!

JanH Wed 14-Jan-04 18:56:57

What do you lift up to put the bottom down, and lift the bottom up to put down again?

The toilet seat lid.

(From a storyteller at DS2's school yesterday!)

sb34 Wed 14-Jan-04 19:07:54

Message withdrawn

Twink Wed 14-Jan-04 21:26:37

My all time favourite joke from school was:

What's blue & white and sits in a tree ?

A fridge in a denim jacket

I don't know why; no-one else I've ever met finds it funny & dh thinks I need psychiatric help (probably, but that's another story)

SB34 that's lovely, dh and I still put notes in for each other when we're going away separately & will do for dd when she can read/work out the appalling artwork.

tanzie Wed 14-Jan-04 21:55:31

Twink - I liked that one too! Also - what goes ha ha ha plop? A man laughing his head off!

DD1's favourite (she's 5) What do cats eat for breakfast? Mice crispies!

Must tell her the barbeque one!

CountessDracula Thu 15-Jan-04 23:47:04

What about the what do you call a man with x on his head series

eg what do you call a man with a spade on his head? Doug


crystaltips Fri 16-Jan-04 09:06:09

What d'you call a man WITHOUT a spade on his head ....


crystaltips Fri 16-Jan-04 09:06:50

Really need to "flip" the thread before you read that one !!!

M2T Fri 16-Jan-04 09:07:51

What do you call man with a spade on his head who ahs big feet and no dog....

Wait for it....



Carla Fri 16-Jan-04 09:17:14

Why did the skeleton cross the road?

To get to the Body Shop.

What's the similarity between Henry the VIII and Winnie the Pooh?

They've both got the same middle name.

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