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CBeebies Sexy Sid

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Epigirl Tue 13-Jan-04 11:10:31

Is it just me who thinks that CBeebies Sid is just lovely? He seems to have had his hair cut today and be looking particularly fine... Maybe I should get out more after all!

lazyeye Tue 13-Jan-04 11:13:55

No, its Paul from Tikabilla thats the fine one for me.......hes very thin though. I'd beef him up a bit if he came round mine.

Sid, yeah, but no but yeah

WSM Tue 13-Jan-04 11:17:12

Is Paul the scrawny one with dreads ? He does have a nice face I suppose but is a bit fragile and boyish for my tastes.

I could go for Sid, providing I could block the cringesome 'Jazzy Sid' sketch from my mind ! Has anyone else seen that ? Honestly, some of the stuff they make those poor presenters do makes my toes curl. Has 17mo DD in stitches almost everytime though, so I shouldn't complain.

Festivefly Tue 13-Jan-04 11:21:38

The last story maker guy, hubba hubba

lazyeye Tue 13-Jan-04 11:23:39

The newest story maker guy - Blake? He used to be in Eastenders right back at the start.

That one that wears the really African shirts gets on my nerves. I love Milton and Byron though..........Abraca Zoot..........

bluecow Tue 13-Jan-04 12:07:24

Where have the woman Storymakers gone? Bring back Rosetti and Shelley!

We luv Sue aka Tigs on CBeebies.

Sid's cute tho, definitely.

lazyeye Tue 13-Jan-04 12:10:40

Yeah, I really like Rosetti (oft to be seen as a nurse fleetingly on Holby. TV addict moi?)

Can't stand the Shiny Show - even ds1 turns if off. They all sound like they are taking off the League of Gentlemen.

Most annoying has to Sarah Jane from Tikabilla - stage school kid.

What is it about Come Outside? My 2 drop whatever they are doing and sit glued? Secret fantasies about Nurse Gladys Emanuel that was?

motherinferior Tue 13-Jan-04 12:36:13

Paul from Tikabilla, definitely. I can see what people see in Sid, though.

Roscoe Tue 13-Jan-04 13:09:56

Which cruel person makes the CBeebies presenters sing those cringe-making songs? Chris looks as though he's really enjoying them but the others look a bit embarassed. It isn't Chris who writes them is it?

I can't stand the nauseating Emily Elizabeth in Clifford the Big Red Dog. I know it's only a cartoon but everything about her makes me want to throttle her.

I really do need to get out more,,,,,

susanmt Tue 13-Jan-04 13:13:12

I reckon that Chris Writes the songs then makes the others sing them!

Chinchilla Wed 14-Jan-04 20:49:32

Someone on here said that Chris DOES write them! Bless ds, he used to cry when the bedtime song came on at 7pm!

Sid is too darn happy to be sexy! Anyway, it is obvious that he is hot for Nicole...sorry Epigirl Paul...PAUL...yuk! He'd snap when you were having sex, anyway he's too much of a luvvy. I can just imagine him and Sarah Jane slagging off their co-presenters after filming! Dh loves Sarah Jane (so what does he see in me exactly, as I am her antithesis?) I have a soft spot for Justin, but that is because he is Jake in the Tweenies. I also love him in Higgledy House. Sad, moi?

suzywong Wed 14-Jan-04 20:52:46

Byron .... he is all man
DS1 always announce whether or not Stroymakers is being presented by 'mama's favourite' or not

Eowyn Wed 14-Jan-04 21:00:07

How do you know who is who else, the only one I ever knew was Poi/Po - everybody please let me know anyone else inside a furry suit, it just seems very important.

I have a thing for Nathan off Hi-5 tho not enough to make me get up early & watch it...exceedingly cheesy & depressingly young mind you..(yes I have looked up his website)

Beccarollover Wed 14-Jan-04 21:33:56

Hi-5 is so cheesy I cant bear to watch

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:36:05

ds LOVES the ladies on hi - 5!
but luckily since we got cbeebeis, tweenies is on at the same time
]and NOTHING overrides the tweenies!!!
cue silly head shaking dance!

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:38:54

does anyone thikn that paul from tikkabilla reminds them of side show bob from the simpsons?

Chinchilla Wed 14-Jan-04 21:42:43

Yes Popsy!

popsycal Wed 14-Jan-04 21:44:53

hurrah - not just me then""

Eowyn Wed 14-Jan-04 21:49:25

it's dh that loves the Hi-5 laydees in this house.

Thought I'd killed yet another thread there.

Roscoe Wed 14-Jan-04 21:50:16

LOL at Sideshow Bob!

lydialemon Wed 14-Jan-04 23:18:05

I presume Poi went off on maternity leave, any one hear anything about little Poi?

BekkiKay Wed 14-Jan-04 23:25:01

She had her baby a few months ago and is back now. Theres a thread somewhere on it.

motherinferior Thu 15-Jan-04 08:30:19

Poi was in the CBeebies Panto.

Sideshow Bob or not, I do like him. So ner.

Marina Thu 15-Jan-04 11:24:47

Now ds is 4.5 we've been watching CBBC1 more. We like SmArt best because ds really likes Kerstininin, as he insists on calling her, and I like Mark. Now, there's a hunk.
I am very glad to have left Tikkabilla behind, as I had to leave the room when Sarah Jane starts the Tikkabilla jive. I miss Byron though.

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 15-Jan-04 20:26:26

Can't abide Kerstin - why can't she shut her mouth when she's doing those (rubbish) other-side-of-the-glass paintings?

Anyone know how old C-Beebies Sue is, to settle an argument.

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