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Anyone moved to Cumbria? OH wants to, I'm not sure!

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TataClaire Thu 10-Jan-13 19:16:18

Wasn't sure where to put this....Just as the title says, my OH is very very keen on moving to a place called Underbarrow near Kendal in Cumbria, but I'm a bit scared!
Things that worry me are the weather - obviously it rains a lot there, doesn't get that hot in summer, and I'm from the most South Eastern part of the country so I'm obviously not used to that, but at least I'm outdoorsy!

However, my parents in their mid 60's are not going to like it - my mum is not a great traveller and neither of them are overly outdoorsy, so obviously I'm worried about them and that I'll be even further away (345 miles as opposed to the current 115!) from any of my family.

Also worried about how isolated I'll be generally, we live on a farm now and although we don't really socialise with anyone if I scream there are neighbours to hear me, but the place he likes I'd have to scream pretty loud!!
We also want to adopt kids in the next couple of years so I'm worried that the Local Authority won't take as kindly to us if we're living in the sticks with the closest family being his family one and a half hours away.....

Just a bit anxious about it all really, that if I say I don't want to I'm ruining his dream, but then worry I'll be unhappy...the house is beautiful, and the setting is gorgeous, if a little more isolated than I'm used to, and the schools have excellent reviews.

Anyone else have experiences of moving somewhere totally different?

Mytwobeautifulgirls Thu 10-Jan-13 19:41:01

hiya ah it is a massive decision and you really to think carefully. I know it's not the sane as your moving totally far away. but I have always been a real mummy girl my mum is my best friend and we do everything together. in June when I was 7 months pregnant we moved to Essex from London and I found it so hard at first did not know the area at all. I still travel back round London everyday to take my daughter to school there and see my parents. I could not completely cut off from going there. u need to think about it. although you are already living a fair few miles away atm. have you visited the area? is the area nice and the neighbourhood nice people friendly also our nearest shop is not within walking distance I don't know if this would bother u. all things to think about. hope it all goes well. keep us posted. smile

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