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bleeding in pregnancy

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ariel Thu 10-Jan-02 11:16:18

Im 24 wks pregnant and have had a number of bleeds in this pregnancy as i did in a past pregnancy.i was told it was a cervical erosion,after a bleed at 17 wks and a scan i was told the loss was from my placenta.I had to spend the new year in hospital after yet another bleed which was again from my placenta, i have had a prem baby b4 at 32 wks and at the mo i am very concerned,im booked for a section at 39 wks because of preveious emregency section and more importantly my last child had group b strep meningitis,im feeling pretty lousy to say the least,not to mention i have been in constant pain with spd,.I find it very ammusing reading pregnancy mags which say i should at this stage feel wonderfull,clearly its men who write these comments, i pray that i will at least have a few weeks of uncomplicated pregnacy so i enjoy a small part of it.

honeybunny Thu 10-Jan-02 13:59:11

Ariel, so sorry to hear about the miserable time you are having with your pregnancy. Hope things get better for you. Puts my grumbles of pregnancy into perspective. I too am 24weeks pregnant. I had some bleeding at 7 and 11weeks from what they thought was a low lying placenta, but fortunately for me its moved out of the way as my baby has grown. Hope your bleeding problems settle down. I guess you just have to take things as easy as possible and accept any help that is going from oh, friends and family. Fingers and toes crossed for a happy outcome.

Pupuce Thu 10-Jan-02 20:56:19

Ariel I really feel for you as I was also stranded for parts of my pregnancy and it is highly frustrating.
As you have already had a premie, I think resting and taking it easy are probably the best option.... I think Mumsnet chats will probably (hopefully) chear you up.
Are you always in pain ? Maybe you should let your friends know that you would love their company or go for a meal with them so that you can stay busy and keep your mind off things....... good luck !

jasper Fri 11-Jan-02 00:02:39

Ariel, what is spd?

ariel Mon 14-Jan-02 13:00:43

jasper.spd or symphysis pubis dysfuntion,During pregnancy your ligaments become more elestic,the joints between your pelvic bone naturally widen but sometimes it can widen too much causeing alot of pain in your pubic area, i gather some women can have severe pain so much so they can be wheelchair bound,i find it hard to walk far and sleeping is a problem,i am hopeing physiotherapy will help.

Pupuce Mon 14-Jan-02 14:00:43

Ariel... I started a thread on SPD under health : pubic bone pain... have a look.
Also note that I have found that a good osteopath who has experience in pregnant women can make a Hell of a difference. I went from agony to almost no pain at all..... there is a solution to this problem. My experience is however that GPs and midwives don't always know where to send you and osteopaths tend not to be re-imbursed so... you keep suffering but you shouldn't.
I had a severe case of it and left it untreated during my first pregnancy (because I didn't know you could "fix it" ), during my second pregnancy I consulted a recommended osteopath and I was up and about the next day... treatment does need to be maintained but I'd pay 30 GBP every 2 weeks for it (worth every penny).

jasper Tue 15-Jan-02 01:07:02

Honeybunny, where are you?? Can you offer Ariel some help ( Honeybunny is a physio)
Thanks for the explanation. Hope you feel better soon

Pupuce Tue 15-Jan-02 22:27:35

Jasper... Honeybunny doesn't seem to reply but she and I have e-mailed and she also sees an osteopath (not a physio) as she can't really help herself (sorry honneybunny I am paraphrasing you - hope that's all right).

Enid Wed 16-Jan-02 14:02:06

Honeybunny is in the middle of moving house right now! I'm sure she'll be back soon (I know this as I am her SIL!)

Pupuce Wed 16-Jan-02 14:14:36

Enid - please give my best wishes to Honeybunny - I live in TW so she and I have been in touch via e-mail. Now I know why I haven't heardfrom her recently !

honeybunny Thu 17-Jan-02 18:47:59

I'm back! Taking a break from the unpacking, and a very grizzly 14month old, currently having a bath with daddy, to set up the computer and catch up on mumsnet. Sorry for the lack of responses from me!
Ariel, spd, nasty stuff. Mine's been playing up again with this house move. My "physio" tips are
1. sleep with a plump pillow between your knees, to ease the strain on your SIJs(sacro-iliac joints, these are the joints in the back part of your pelvis), as well as SP.
2. Try not to cross your legs, ever! but keep your knees together, ie getting into/out of a car. Sit and swing rather than step into a car.
3. Avoid doing anything repetitive, especially if it involves lifting, and if unavoidable, try to bend your knees rather than your waist. Also avoid one legged tasks. I've stupidly been standing on a step ladder one legged to reach a corner spot and couldn't put my leg back to the floor again. Hubby had to lift me off the ladder!4.Slow walking to a comfortable pace, no running, (chances!!!)
5. Try to get hold of a SIJ belt. Your obstetric physio could supply this, free on the NHS with a referral from your GP. This helps to "keep things together" and help your muscles to rest a little.
6 Finally try to do as many pelvic floor and lower abdominal exercises as possible. See my note on the "slendertone thread" for the lower abdo exs, also fine in pregnancy.
A good manipulative physiotherapist or osteopath would offer the best hands on treatment. I've said this somewhere before too. NHS physio referrals tend to end up at the hands of an obstetric physio who is unlikely to be skilled in manipulation, so I'm afraid private is probably the only option, unless you get your GP to specify "manipulative physio" on the referral. It may help to get you in the right place. Having said that, I often passed on "obs patients" to the obs physio when I was working, just to help with the overstretched waiting list.
So far I've managed to get away without seeing anyone myself, to date, anyway. Self treatment works up to a point, but eventually sometimes only hands on treatment will do.
Hope this helps.
Pupuce, I emailed you just recently, ??13 or 14th Jan, did you not get it? Let me know, as I have had a few probs with our email lately. A nasty bug in the system, fortunately now rectified! At least I thought so.
Enid, will be in touch tomorrow, too knackered to do anything tonight, but just to say thank you so much for DS's moving in pressie. He's stressed, but not nearly as bad as last time, ditto for me too! LOL!

Pupuce Thu 17-Jan-02 20:15:19

Honeybunny, Just read your e-mail but it is dated today... I have replied.

jodee Mon 04-Mar-02 12:13:55

At 6 and a half weeks pregnant, I started bleeding on Saturday. It started off just brown, like the beginnings of a period, but this morning is a lot heavier, brighter red with some clotting. I've been to the doctors and they arranged for someone to call me back from the antenatal clinic at the hospital for an early scan. I've got an appointment for tomorrow but have called them back to see if they can squeeze me in today as dh has a business meeting out of town tomorrow and he naturally wants to come with me. It's an answermachine service so I am waiting on their call.

My first (and only) pregnancy went without a hitch so I was surprised to have bleeding this time. It's strange, but despite 3 positive pregnancy tests this time I had had niggling doubts that I actually was pregnant because I haven't felt sick at all and I was nauseous and sick all the way through last time. I now feel that the inevitable is going to happen. I think I am preparing myself for the worst rather than hoping everything will be OK.

pamina Mon 04-Mar-02 12:34:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joe1 Mon 04-Mar-02 12:38:26

Jodee I have everything crossed for you, thinking of you.

Enid Mon 04-Mar-02 12:48:40

jodee, I could have written your post last October. Although its possible you are just having bleeding, unfortunately I did go on to miscarry. I also 'didn't feel pregnant', no nausea or food aversions etc, and I had also had a trouble free previous pregnancy. Mind you, as everyone told me at the time, all pregnancies are different and some women bleed all the way through!

Thinking of you, lots of love xxxxxxx

Lizzer Mon 04-Mar-02 12:55:32

Hi Jodee, what a horrible day for you. I am thinking of you and I hope everything goes ok at the hospital...

lots of love Lizzer XXX

slug Mon 04-Mar-02 13:00:34

Jodee, hang in there. I had the same thing when I was pregnant with the sluglet. I started bleeding on the Friday so had to wait the entire weekend until I could have an early scan. It was the biggest relief i have ever felt when I saw the heart beating on the scan. Hope you are as lucky as I was.

Marina Mon 04-Mar-02 13:01:38

Jodee, hoping with all my heart that this is a false alarm for you. And that the hospital comes up trumps SOON. Thinking of you, Marina.

bossykate Mon 04-Mar-02 13:12:50

hope it is only a false alarm.
best wishes.

lulu40 Mon 04-Mar-02 14:15:34

I hope all goes well but without wanting to sound too harsh prepare yourself for the worst just in case - thinking of you with everything crossed x

Ems Mon 04-Mar-02 14:20:19

Thinking of you Jodee ...

bells2 Mon 04-Mar-02 14:20:46

Thinking of you Jodee

SueDonim Mon 04-Mar-02 14:23:52

Also thinking of you.

Dixie Mon 04-Mar-02 14:47:27

Jodee, I truly hope everythng is ok, just remember we are all here for you wishing you the very best.

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