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Would you like to know what dh calls you lot?

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marthamoo Mon 12-Jan-04 11:27:59

Don't worry, it's not fact it made me laugh.

In the car yesterday I was telling dh about SenoraPostrophe's dd's ear and her emergency operation. I didn't realise ds1 was listening intently in the back..

Ds1: Who had to go to hospital? Was it M [a friend's little girl]?

Me: No, sweetheart. Not anyone you know. Someone who I talk to on the computer - her little girl was poorly. I don't really know her..well I sort of do..but I haven't met her...

Dh: One of Mummy's *pretend friends*, mate.

Men! They just don't get it, do they?

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Jan-04 11:30:23

Ha Ha Marthoo! My dp refers to us as The Collective (like The Borg in Star Trek if you know it).

WideWebWitch Mon 12-Jan-04 11:31:17

Marthamoo, even.

Janstar Mon 12-Jan-04 11:40:14

My husband has been told 'Go away, I'm talking to Forestfly' so many times he now often asks after 'firefly' 'fly' 'bluebottle' or any other flying insect that first comes to mind.

suzywong Mon 12-Jan-04 12:04:45


Dadslib Mon 12-Jan-04 12:09:12

Message withdrawn

StressyHead Mon 12-Jan-04 12:15:37

message withdrawn

Crunchie Mon 12-Jan-04 12:24:11

The coven

nutcracker Mon 12-Jan-04 13:00:39

My dp has given up asking what site i'm on now as it's always this one. Even dd said ' god your not on mn again are you '

GenT Mon 12-Jan-04 17:09:44

I have no idea what my DH calls everyone here. He has seen me a couple times checking and he saw me writing and asked who I was writing to, if it was chat? I said no, it is a messageboard.

Should ask what he thinks. He knows I can chat as I used to a lot. We use his computer to link the DSL to instead of mine. It automatically goes and sign into MSN messenger. Mine has about 21 people and his has 2, I am one and another person. So I tell him it is a bit useless for you to log onto messenger because one person is a pest and the other is right in the room with you (or they are both pests).

I will find out what he thinks and get back to that.

Festivefly Mon 12-Jan-04 17:30:27

The fly? I like it

GillW Mon 12-Jan-04 23:16:07

The "mumsnet mafia"! But I know he does read the discussions here too at times, because he sometimes asks if I'd seen a comment on a thread.... I dont *think* he's ever plucked up the courage to post though...

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 23:22:08

My dh knows the website, my username and password - popsycal ever posts after i have properly left the bar then it is him
he couldn't be bothered to do it though
Oh and you lot are 'mammy's 'freinds'
friends said with a jonathan ross style fweeeeends and long and drawn out.

popsycal Mon 12-Jan-04 23:22:51

oh and i am having a 'mumsnet moment' when on the computer

melsy Tue 13-Jan-04 10:28:07

My dh says I'm obsessed. I tell him its no different to sitting in front of SKY all evening hogging the remote. He shuts up then!!!

fisil Tue 13-Jan-04 10:51:29

You used to be called the "Mumsnutters". Now it is abbreviated to "Nutters". Even in a positive context, as in "ds has stuff coming out of his ear, quick, call NHSDirect and ask your Nutters."

melsy Tue 13-Jan-04 11:16:44

very funny!!!

WSM Tue 13-Jan-04 11:19:52

You lot are 'bl***y mumsnet', no great surprise really, given the amount of time I spend on here !

marthamoo Tue 13-Jan-04 11:38:43

Do you ever actually row about the amount of time spent on MN? Dh and I had words (real loud, shouty ones) on Sunday morning. Mind you we seem to be doing the real loud shouty thing on just about every subject at the moment

turnupthebass Tue 13-Jan-04 12:16:25

My only comment is "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

ks Tue 13-Jan-04 13:59:01

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Tue 13-Jan-04 14:11:54

God ks what a narrow escape!

mears Tue 13-Jan-04 14:16:20

Although DH sometimes gets annoyed with me, he has been amazed how useful it mumsnet can be to others. He even posted help to someone for a computer question as have other partners in the past.

ks Tue 13-Jan-04 14:41:02

Message withdrawn

tigermoth Tue 13-Jan-04 20:11:57

oh, what can I say. My dh hates the internet. I never mention mumsnet in converstion with him. It causes too much grief and raised voices. He too calls you all my 'pretend friends' even though he knows I have met up with mumsetters on several occasions. He likes the people, just can't accept the way we communicate.

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