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Outlook Express ....Can anyone help..please...

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mothernature Mon 12-Jan-04 11:01:33

Is there anyone who can help me with a problem with my outlook express, a couple of weeks ago our outlook express went loco..we reset the settings to enable us to email again, but could'nt get the old email adress back, I think we have deleted it by mistake, I know my emails are going out, but we are not receiving any, any advice would be appreciated..getting very desperate,

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 11:19:39

MN who are you with? We are with NTL and if anything like this happens I just ring them up and they talk me through resetting it back to how it was. I am crap with tech things

mothernature Mon 12-Jan-04 11:22:28

fio2, we are with freeserve, we tried sorting something out before with them and they passed us around all over the place, they charge at premium rate too....

fio2 Mon 12-Jan-04 11:24:13

Oh dear MN I hope someone else can help you

SoupDragon Mon 12-Jan-04 14:38:52

Have you gone through Tools, then Accounts, click on Mail and then Properties. Click on "Servers" and check the information there.

crystaltips Mon 12-Jan-04 15:45:22

In Outlook Express ....
Click on TOOLS
CLick the ADD account Button and select the MAIL option
Enter Your name and then click NEXT button
Enter you e-mail address and click the NEXT button
You then have to enter the correct Incoming server name and the correct outgoing server name ... can't help you here as I don't know your ISP... then click the NEXT button
You then have to enter your account name and password ( again given to you by the ISP )
Not too sure if this is any help ....
Your ISP ( help desk ) should answer any questions if you don't know the details

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