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I need a hand to hold please - part 2

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WhenSantaGotStuckUpACunnyFunt Mon 31-Dec-12 20:04:01

My second thread. The first is awaiting deletion due to details that were in the thread.

Basically, my brother is in intensive care with multiple stab wounds, he is stable, but critical. So he could go either way.

At the moment it doesn't feel real to me, I feel like I'm in a soap or something! It's very surreal sad

Sunnywithshowers Wed 06-Feb-13 23:10:27

grin That's amazing Cunny.

ripsishere Thu 07-Feb-13 06:43:21

Smashing. I can't tell you how pleased I am.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Thu 07-Feb-13 09:16:05

Not half as pleased as we are rips grin

ripsishere Thu 07-Feb-13 09:22:47

I can imagine. Well done both the NHS, your family and most of all, your brother.

ripsishere Thu 07-Feb-13 09:23:12

Oh FFFs, both was wrong but you know what I mean.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Thu 07-Feb-13 09:30:41

Yes I do grin

Cailleach Thu 07-Feb-13 18:40:47

Tough bugger, your brother! Well done to him and you and the lovely old NHS.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sat 09-Feb-13 21:23:57

Extra extra! Read all about it! HUGE NEWS!!!! MASSIVE NEWS!!!

He came off the ventilator for a bit today and was fine smile he even had a little drink! He is half whispering half mouthing words and can converse. He asked my mum to take a photo of him and put it on his facebook page. I saw it, it's amazing, he's sat up in bed looking round and smiling. The doctors are utterly amazed at how much progress he's made over the past week.

He now remembers EVERYTHING about the attack though.

Sunnywithshowers Sat 09-Feb-13 21:38:54

WOOHOO! <pompoms>

That's fantastic news Cunny grin

Shellington Sat 09-Feb-13 21:40:03

Sounds amazing, glad docs are taking good care of him! Baby steps though, he'll want to be up and off smile

Horsemad Sat 09-Feb-13 21:42:56

Excellent news Cunny smile

BehindLockNumberNine Sat 09-Feb-13 23:27:45

FANTASTIC NEWS Cunny, sending hugs to you and yours xx

JsOtherHalf Sun 10-Feb-13 09:09:30


ChestyNut Sun 10-Feb-13 09:48:20

Such good news grin

Wishing David lots of strength for the road ahead.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 10-Feb-13 17:07:30

We were going to see him yesterday but we ended up spending 4-5 hours scrubbing blood off almost every surface in our house sad

Sunnywithshowers Sun 10-Feb-13 17:21:22

Blood? What happened Cunny? <hugs>

ChestyNut Sun 10-Feb-13 18:08:48

Why [Shock]

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 10-Feb-13 18:51:59

My dog somehow cut the end of his tail, it bled like buggery and he's a greyhound, with a very long, waggy tail. It was ridiculous! All over the walls, the furniture, the white dining chairs, DD's toys and her clothes that were drying on the airer.

Sunnywithshowers Sun 10-Feb-13 19:29:14

Oh your poor pooch! I hope he's okay, and you're also okay?

My lovely cat cut his mouth during a fit a couple of years ago, there was blood everywhere. You have my sympathy.

LegoAcupuncture Sun 10-Feb-13 19:33:04

Hurray for your brother.

Eek on the dog tail massacre!

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersWife Sun 10-Feb-13 20:08:33

Oh I'm fine thank you, just disappointed that I didn't get to visit David. The dog is fine, just miserabe because he has a bandage on his tail so to stop him chewing it he has to wear his muzzle. He needs the bandage because if he wags his tail and knocks his tail the scab just falls off and he redecorates again hmm

ripsishere Sun 10-Feb-13 23:24:52

Poor dog, but wow to David. Good lad.

TheCunnyFuntIsAGrittersFiancee Thu 14-Feb-13 12:11:45

Just at the hospital now, it's amazing! He's sat in bed smiling and laughing and making jokes smile he can't talk so he has to mouth everything he's saying, we could do with a lip reader! I brought DD (20mo) today, it cheered him up quite a bit as he's pretty fed up. He's even managed to write a birthday card for my mum, that made her cry. It's her birthday today and we're off to Frankie and Benny's soon for lunch which will be nice.

DrGarnettsWinterMixture Thu 14-Feb-13 12:17:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sunnywithshowers Thu 14-Feb-13 14:39:04

I'm so pleased for all of you Cunny. What a lovely birthday present for your mum smile

Have a wonderful lunch, and best wishes to David. He sounds awesome.

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