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David Essex Fans

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Davros Sat 15-Apr-06 20:22:59

don't laugh, I know there a few on MN! He added Shepherds Bush Empire to his tour last week for 26th November. I've got my tickets, anyone else going?

Surfermum Sat 15-Apr-06 20:43:24

Laugh? Never! More like . He's on in Bournemouth I think. Must get on and book my tickets. He's still got it hasn't he?

Surfermum Sat 15-Apr-06 21:29:48

Just two of us David Essex fans then, eh Davros?!

Turquoise Sat 15-Apr-06 21:34:22

Me three - but won't be going to any gig
Heard him recently on Jonathon Ross, still makes me go a bit unneccessary.

Davros Sun 16-Apr-06 11:59:17

One of my friends roared when I told her I'd got tickets (been going every year he's in London for 20 years and originally saw him in 1974 ). They said "he's lost it blah blah" but I said, not from Row J without my glasses on, heh heh!
I read ages ago in the Radio Times or Heat or somewhere that he is joining Eastenders. I don't watch it so assume he's not in it yet, if he's still going to be.... I'll have to start watching again...

anorak Sun 16-Apr-06 12:46:27

He's great isn't he Davros? I saw him at Earl's Court in about 1975 or 6, he was fab.

PutAPeachyInYourSimnelCake Sun 16-Apr-06 13:35:44

And Dh says I'm the only one

Goldfish Sun 16-Apr-06 14:09:36

I loved David when I was a teenager and I have been to see him live. My Granny had a distant relative who worked as a nanny to his children when he was married to Maureen, i think her name was and I thought that was great cos I was actually sort of 'linked' to him in a way other people weren't . I still think he is sexy though, its his twinkly eyes that do it.

Davros Mon 17-Apr-06 20:51:31

I thought Cod was a fan????

motherinferior Mon 17-Apr-06 20:57:34

I have been in a taxi with him

FluffyMummy123 Fri 19-Sep-08 14:45:10

Message withdrawn

happystory Fri 19-Sep-08 14:55:54

I've met him.....swoon...

sis Fri 19-Sep-08 15:02:25

Motherinferior, didn't you interview him?

2shoes Fri 19-Sep-08 15:05:32

lol there is a thread in music about the great man.
is it david essex day?

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