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CODDY - What tragic personal disaster ??????

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nutcracker Sat 10-Jan-04 23:45:07

I don't remember hearing about Mrs Ayres disaster
What happened ???

codswallop Mon 12-Jan-04 18:53:54

ah, her son was knocked over as he came out of nursery somewheere on that road up to the M6 in great barr,cant remember its name, he died aged ..?3

It was very sad indeed.

nutcracker Mon 12-Jan-04 22:34:53

Oh my god CODDY, i didn't know that. Her son used to go to the nursery at the college on aldridge rd, i know that because i did my traing at the nursery and he was in my class (when he was about 18mths). That is truely terrible, can't understand why i never heard about it.

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