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Dean's Shortbread

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sussexsongbird Sat 22-Dec-12 16:15:20

I NEED to buy specifically Dean's Shortbread for my DH christmas stocking!! He has been looking for it for months and will love me for ever if I can find him some. Does anyone know who stocks it? I've tried my Tesco Extra and they are out. I live in West Sussex.

Yama Sat 22-Dec-12 16:17:49

Good luck. I see it all the time but I am in Scotland.

sussexsongbird Sat 22-Dec-12 16:19:46

Arghhh that is the problem. I knew we should have moved to Scotland instead of Sussex.

HyvaPaiva Sat 22-Dec-12 16:20:17

Amazon has it here! Select the super expensive delivery option and you'll get it on Christmas Eve.

sussexsongbird Sat 22-Dec-12 16:25:45

I know I could do that but I hate delivery charges, plus I can't wait in for deliveries on the 24th.

HyvaPaiva Sat 22-Dec-12 16:33:25

I'm in Scotland too, any earlier and I'd have sent you some. I'm afraid that as you're in Sussex you'll probably only get it online if not in Tesco. I figured Amazon was the only place that would guarantee Monday delivery at this stage. As you can't have deliveries then, I can't think of another way to get it before Christmas.

Yama Sat 22-Dec-12 16:59:29

Any twee visitor attractions nearby?

sussexsongbird Sat 22-Dec-12 18:30:28

Ah maybe. I was hoping someone would say "Oh yes! Waitrose have it. Never fear." Or similar. sad

LittleNutTree Sat 22-Dec-12 18:44:15

Argh! I wish you'd posted sooner. I live 30mins from the actual factory and my neighbour is a salesman for them so I could have got you practically anything you wanted! <not helpful now I realise>

ProphetOfDoom Sat 22-Dec-12 18:48:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sussexsongbird Sat 22-Dec-12 19:59:30

Dammit that would have been awesome but we do have a coop so will try there!!

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