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Bells1 Mon 11-Jun-01 10:09:04

Just looking for some advice on the question of pushchairs. When no. 2 arrives, our son will be 27 months. Ideally, I would like to avoid a double buggy but I wondered whether this is realistic?. Our son likes walking although when he does walk, things take vastly longer and of course, in shops and so on he is an absolute pest unless firmly strapped in. Our new baby will be born at the start of November so I suspect that overall, we will be doing less walking outside anyway until around March time when obviously he will be 32 months. Ideally, we would like to make do with a buggy board.

Would be very interested to hear from others with children of a similar age-gap as to what they did for transport.

Debsb Mon 11-Jun-01 11:36:27

Bells1, my children are 22 months apart, and we struggled with a double buggy for the first 6 months, but then bought a 'waki rider'. Its a push chair with an integral step for the toddler. It acts like a buggy board, but the handles are arranged so that the child stands inside the handles, which means you don't have to lean over the child to push the buggy. It's definately what I would recommend to anyone whos child is about 2.5 plus

Chairmum Mon 11-Jun-01 22:25:15

An alternative is to have the new baby in a comfy carrier and then the buggy is still available for your toddler until he is a bit older.

Marina Tue 12-Jun-01 09:05:37

Bells, my friends with children a similar age apart found a buggy board did not work too well for them as their little tinker kept falling off it (intentionally). They have found using first a Baby Bjorn sling and then a Bushbaby back carrier for the younger was the best solution, and my friend also found the extra little load a good source of postnatal weightloss. They had also been given a double buggy by kind parents, and this was completely hateful to manoeuvre apparently.
If you are interested in an alternative buggy board, Perfectly Happy People have just started selling one that the toddler sits on and faces you. Don't know anyone who has used this though, and I do wonder with all buggy boards, do they work properly when the buggy seat is fully reclined - which it surely has to be with new-borns.

Bells1 Tue 12-Jun-01 09:13:25

Mmmm... suspect you are right about the sling / back pack + pushchair being the best option. I really don't think our son could be trusted with a buggy board!. Cheers.

Rhiannon Tue 12-Jun-01 20:25:26

Bells1, everyone I know really struggles with their double buggies. Can't get them through doorways heavy to push etc.

In the States recently I saw a pram that faced away from you and facing you as you push was a little seat that an older could sit on (ie they sit back to back) don't know if they're available in this country (sorry didn't spot the make).

Azzie Wed 13-Jun-01 08:10:31

My two are 25 months apart. We found the backpack/buggy combination really good. We have a lie-back stroller, which the baby could use from 3 months, so what we used to do was put the baby in that and take the backpack. Our son walked until he got tired, then we popped the baby in the backpack while he had a rest in the stroller (we didn't have the baby in the backpack all the time because she slept better lying down in the stroller).

Maia Thu 28-Jun-01 13:54:29

Does anyone know if the buggy boards available fit 3 wheeled pushchairs (Mothercare Glacier in particular). Thanks in advance.

Sabine Sun 29-Jul-01 14:30:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

manky Thu 06-Dec-01 21:14:52

I recently stopped somebody in the street because they had a 3 wheeler buggy with a buggy board attached. I think she said it was an easywalker which is so light and I think would fit my needs perfectly. I know you can buy them on line but does anyone have experience of using this buggy with a buggy board. Or if I could go to a stockists to see if it would work? I don't want to buy online, pay postage and then have to send the whole thing back to Holland where I believe the manufacturer is based.

Hilary Fri 20-Sep-02 21:42:09

My two are 25 months apart too and I struggled with a double buggy for ages as ds1 still often slept in the pushchair so I couldn't make him stand up everywhere we went. I eventually invested in a buggy board (£40, Tesco) and I have never regretted it. We use it all the time and he is fine - likes to pretend he is Bob on Scoop!

Hilary Fri 20-Sep-02 21:42:44

Sorry, for some reason, I didn't notice this discussion was so old...!

tracyhay Wed 16-Oct-02 12:08:15

just a word of warning, if you have a new travel thing pram etc don't use a buggy board. your warranty/guarantee is invalidated as it can damage it the pram. I had a maclaren buggy after 8 months of weekend use it was dodgy so had it serviced, cost me £60 and was caused by hanging my handbag on the handles. I complained saying they shgould warn about it. They also said never use a buggy board. When i went out to buy a pram for Dillon i asked around for a manufacture that said the board was ok, none of them did, from silvercross to britax they all warn me off it. Thought it maybe them trying to get me to buy a double wotsit. Contacted trading standards, turns out they've had lots of complaints about the board. Cossatto have tried to make a safe one but they couldn't manage it! Apparently children have had accidents on them too. My 3 yr old just walks now. Alot! We live a good 30-40 minutes from playschool but he is fine with it. We gave up his buggy when i was pregnant (he was 2 1/2 ish) as i injured myself pushing it anyway! Strange i know but i over did it and pulled lots of ligaments and couldn't move for 2 days! Just htought i'd warn you in case you go and spend hundred on a silver cross and damage it with a board!


monkey Wed 16-Oct-02 12:23:30

To confirm what traceyhay said, last time I bought a pushchair (I have many) the assistant told me not to buy a buggy board with a single - they'd damage the pushchair - most specifically those with aluminium frames

Joe1 Wed 16-Oct-02 15:57:03

I was just going to buy one of those boards, maybe I wont and just get ds to walk or go on the bus if I dont have the car. Better get those reins fitted.

lou33 Wed 16-Oct-02 17:05:58

An assistant in Mothercare told me they were plannig to bring out their own version to use with their pushchairs.

Fionn Wed 16-Oct-02 17:15:33

When I asked in Mothercare ages ago about Buggyboards I was told sniffily that they believe they damage pushchairs so don't sell them. Another £40 to John Lewis then! I couldn't do the daily walk to nursery with a 4 and 2 year old without it, so much more practical than a double buggy!

Janus Wed 16-Oct-02 21:47:36

OK, if you had a 2.9 year old and a newborn what would you do for 'getting around'? I will be in this position next April and have begun wondering what to do. I was planning to use the pushchair for toddler and sling for newborn and hope that by the time the newborn is ready for a pram the toddler will be more able to walk. My daughter and I go out quite a bit in the day and she alternates between walking and getting in the pram, pram used more along the road but she does still need to keep hoping in if we are out for a walk in the park. Can't bear the thought of having to buy yet another pram (ie double buggy) and was going to try the buggy board but not sure my toddler would stay on. What do people do?

tracyhay Wed 16-Oct-02 22:37:54

I don't drive, playschool is 30-40 minutes away and my mum even further. My eldest is 3yrs and 5 months and youngest 7 weeks. My eldest just walks! I have a pram for Dillon. We built up walking gradually. I stopped the buggy when i was 4 months pregnant and would get the circular bus to the shops/playschool and walk back. He is pretty fast for a 3 yr old now and it's really good for learning too. He likes to count the house numbers and likes to spell out street names etc We even name flowers, if we are not in a hurry! It's good exercise.

THERESA Sat 19-Oct-02 23:57:21

My daughter was 3yrs 2mnths when my son was born and I bought a buggy board. I've a Mamas & Papas Sherpa buggy/pram and the board fits brilliantly and I've had absolutely no problem with it. Son is now nearly one and we still use it as school is uphill. The 'deal' is she gets a ride to school but has to walk home. The downside is that my daughter is probably not as good a walker as some other four year olds, but my excercise needs are greater than hers and I can do a really good 20 minute 'power walk' every morning! Her schoolfriends mum has one of those '3 wheeler jobs' and also has a buggy board. She has real problems with it, it's always falling off every time they go round a corner or up or down a curb!

allatsea Sat 17-May-03 17:37:35

I've just picked up a buggy board at a school fete, but I think that some of the fixings are missing. Does anyone know where I can get some spares from?

kathylee0 Sat 17-May-03 19:47:04

You can get the clips and all accessories from Cheeky Rascals.I dont't know the web address, but the tel no. is 01428 682488,or try

allatsea Sun 18-May-03 13:46:19

thanks kathyleeO, I'll try them tomorrow

mint Mon 19-May-03 17:55:10

when we had ds1, we had to go through looking into the whole variety of double buggy strollers.
Ultimately decided on buying the buggyboard for our now 3 yr old. Its fantastic, does the job brilliantly. However consider yourself sticking your bum out & doing some bum work. It has two position adjustments to avoid it getting in your way (your foot coming under it) also I find that only happens when you are flying by people...which I tend to do alot. My 3yr old loves it. these days she likes standing facing me, chatting!
Its attached to a peg-perego stroller.The only thing I find due to weight of the child at the back the rear whells seems to be wearing out quick....or maybe its just in my head (as my DH would say).

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