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average milk intake for 3-4mth old?

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Nemo1977 Wed 12-Apr-06 13:15:11

Just wondering what the 'average' amount is as have been told DD does not take enough. So trying to work out how much under the norm she is. She has reflux and at the min takes 80-100mls a feed which is 3-3.5ozs. that is about 5 or 6 times a day.

hulababy Wed 12-Apr-06 13:20:07

Just been going through an old diary of DD;s first year, so can answer this! LOL!

At 4 months, DD was drinking:

8:30am - 7oz bottle with breakfast
11:00am - 6-7oz bottle
2:00pm - 7oz bottle
5:00pm - 6-7oz bottle
6:00pm - water or diluted juice
8:30 - 7oz bottle before bed

She was also in first stages of weening too (back when 4 months what was being advised everywere) though so may make a difference. he was always a hungry girl and this was the hungry baby milk.

Nemo1977 Wed 12-Apr-06 13:23:08

mmm so she was in about double what dd takes. thanks hula

Hazellnut Wed 12-Apr-06 13:24:27

I think somewhere I read 2 to 2.5 ounces per pound in 24 hours so depends more on size than age....

hulababy Wed 12-Apr-06 13:33:05

If your DD is developing well and putting on weight, then she is probably just fine regardless. They all go through spurts of more and less intake, and they are all different as tohow much they need.

Re weight, about 3 weeks prior to that she was 12lb 11oz at 14 weeks. That was pretty much nag on the 50th centile.

Don't know if all that helps much.

Nemo1977 Wed 12-Apr-06 13:33:24

hazellnut she was in hospital last week and they said feeding every 4 hrs she should take 150mls based on her weight.

Hazellnut Wed 12-Apr-06 14:08:37

agree with hula that if she's putting on weight (even if slowly) and developing then I wouldn't worry although I know this is far easier said than done !

puddingz Sat 15-Apr-06 23:40:51

Hi Nemo1977, I'm breast feding most feeds and bottle feeds for the night/very early morning feeds. My dd is 3 months and she takes 3 - 3.5 ozs per feed. her cheeks are chubby, her nappies regular and her smile is gorgeous! I'll echo the other posts and say if you're happy that she's happy don't worry!

PrincessPeaHead Sat 15-Apr-06 23:58:33

god my dd is 11 weeks and takes 6 - 8 oz per feed, 5 times a day. she is over 14lbs though (91st percentile). She hasn't taken as little as 3 oz in a feed since she was about 4 weeks old. Sounds a bit low to me, Nemo.

Seona1973 Sun 16-Apr-06 13:45:46

Does it take your lo ages to take this amount of milk Nemo? If so, your lo may get on better with a faster teat.

Agree that the average milk is measured by weight rather than age (normally around 2.5 times the body weight so a 10lb baby would look at having around 25ounces in 24 hours - this is average though and your lo may need more or less than this)

tishtosh1 Sat 15-Aug-09 18:47:12

My little one is 3 months, one week and also has reflux she weighs 11 lb (she was a small baby when born) and used to take upto 26 oz a day regularily now I struggle to get 22 oz(3-5 per bottle), she is putting on weight slowly but I worry that she is not getting enough milk as it should be more like 30oz at her weight.

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