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nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 14:23:17

Some one i know has just emailed me to say that a friend of hers lives in a 4 bed house on castle vale (birmingham). She has decided to buy somewhere but has said that if we are interested then she would be willing to exchange with us and then move out to buy. Does that make sense ??
Now i really don't know what to do

Northerner Fri 09-Jan-04 14:24:46

Yeah that makes sence. What's the castle vale estate like?

A 4 bedroomed house would be super for you.

Lisa78 Fri 09-Jan-04 14:25:19

sounds perfect

M2T Fri 09-Jan-04 14:27:02

Move out to buy?? I don't understand! Am I thick?

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 14:27:38

A 4 bed hosue would be brilliant but the castle vale estate hasn't got a very good reputation (to put it midly). It is having a lot of work done and it and it has improved alot in the last few years. Maybe i'm just being snobby. Is it possible to feel worried, excited, happy and sad all at the same time.

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 14:28:01

castle vale not so nice.....?

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 14:28:24

sorry posts crossed

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 14:29:09

primary schools REALLY not good Nutty

did I teach you?

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 14:30:21

Sorry i'll try to explain better.
She lives in council house on the vale. I am on the vales list but not at the top so if she just gave it up some would get it but not me. If she exchanges with me ( which would bve allowed) then she would move in here and then look for somewhere to buy. Any clearer ??

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 14:34:40

I know CODDY but i have to weigh it up

Stay here and be constantly miserable (kids included)

Move to not so good estate but have SPACE (what is that anyone know )

Any advice gratefully recieved. I will come back on later and see what everyone thinks. Right now I have to change stinky DS and go and collect DD's
Oh and CODDY - I was at the school from 1989 - 1994

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 14:42:12

nutcracker - the estate may not be the best in the world but i surpose it's what you make of it.

This could be the fresh start u n yuor family needs.

love fairydust

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 14:47:11

very quickly before i go advantages are :

I would still be quite close to my family (good if things with dp don't work out)

4 Bed houses are hard to come by. I could stay a few years and if we hated it i could down size to 3 bed somewhere else

What do you think ????? HELP

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 09-Jan-04 14:50:14

Message withdrawn

Northerner Fri 09-Jan-04 14:54:17

Advantages sound good to me nutcracker.

I grew up on a council estate in Teesside and lived there till I was 18. It has a reputation and the schools are not that good. I had a stable, loving home and I have very fond memories of my childhood. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I'm sure the extra space would give you more quality of life, and you'd still be near to your family. If you moved to a new area, well that's a whole new ball game.

SpringChicken Fri 09-Jan-04 15:16:49

To be honest i don't think the area or schools have anything to do with it - it's what you make of it.
I don't live in a particulaly nice area of Luton but my house is lovely (even if i do say so myself ) My neighbours are pleasant enough and we just make an effort to get on with things.

i don't know your circumstances but i would say to go for it! Waht have you got to lose by giving it a go?

fio2 Fri 09-Jan-04 15:22:40

I think I would be tempted to do it nutcracker. Like you say, you could always exchange again. Has the lady living there had any trouble? have you asked? And was Coddy really your teacher? sorry cods we were having another Great Barr chat last night!

JanHR Fri 09-Jan-04 15:24:54

HI there.
Tthe other week I saw someone in an '03' reg car turning on to the Castle Vale estate and commented on it to DP. His response was that it has improved quite a bit over the years.

But as others have said, it is what YOU make of it, not everyone on there is going to be rough. And I am sure that having a bigger house and therefore not being on top of each other will help with your relationship with your DP.

Hope you get somewhee soon.


codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 15:34:04

Ithink i did theb Nut

what from were you in - tell me some of the names of people in your class

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 15:34:59

you know you are old when.....

fairydust Fri 09-Jan-04 15:38:24

nutcracker -we all know that things havn't been to good for u lately and i personally think this is just the fresh start u n your family need -

i look at it this way things can't really get that much worst - and if the estate is unbearable then you'll just have to put down on a transfer list - no you'll be no worst off but at least you'll have the extra room which i know you really need.

love lots fairydust.

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 15:42:47

Nutcracker give me some clues I need to go to swimming lesons.

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 16:13:24

CODDY - I was in Mr Mansell's form. I think jennie boyle was in my history class. Other people in my form were Nicola Rushton, Esme Stackhouse and Stuart Lawson.

Thanx everyone for your advice, it makes alot of sense. I think that we will go and have a look to see exactly where it is and which is the nearest school. I don't think the secondary school is up to much but we could always exchange again before then with out being under so much pressure. The fact that it's 4 bed would bed would be a very big bargaining tool in the housing world. Usually people lookking for 4 beds will accept anywhere cos they are so hard to come by.

Anyway if we do go and really hate it at least i can sit in chatting on mn all day

nutcracker Fri 09-Jan-04 16:22:22

Have just checked out the tables for the schools. Quite surprisingly they are pretty good, with the exception of one. Two of them even have better results than DD's present school. The one had 100% in science and above the national average in english and maths.

JanH Fri 09-Jan-04 16:31:56

4 beds definitely worth a lot, and if she's only moving out in order to buy and not because of any problems, and the schools are OK, I would go for it! (Did you *want* to move to Wakefield though???)

suedonim Fri 09-Jan-04 16:33:21

Nutcracker, if you can, take a peek at the schools - you might be pleasantly surprised at them. Good luck in your choice.

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