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err, this may be delicate, but i'm stumped

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vgood Thu 08-Jan-04 22:57:07

I have a son and have just had a baby girl. DS has already remarked that she doesn't have a willy and wanted to talk about it. The bit that stumped me was deciding what to call her genitalia. All we could think of either sounded too anatomical (eg vagina) or too euphemistic (eg. flower). I couldn't think of anything that I felt really comfortable with. Is there a 'willy' type name that other people use?

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 22:58:40

Don't laugh, we say Minnie! I heard a friend say it years ago and thought it was funny and it has become a habit.

hana Thu 08-Jan-04 22:59:59

there was a thread about this just around Christmas time, don't know how to do fancy links and can't even remember what it was called....will have a look....

nearlymybeetrootday Thu 08-Jan-04 23:00:36

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Thu 08-Jan-04 23:00:43

We call it a Minky

nearlymybeetrootday Thu 08-Jan-04 23:00:59

Message withdrawn

vgood Thu 08-Jan-04 23:01:46

Oh, is there? Too lazy to look.

Yeah, fanny was my favourite but dh hates it.

nearlymybeetrootday Thu 08-Jan-04 23:02:46

Message withdrawn

hana Thu 08-Jan-04 23:22:43

can't find it! But I'm sure someone else will out there....

hana Thu 08-Jan-04 23:24:40

just spent a while looking, how sad is that? should be creating some wonderful lesson plans for OFSTED.....but am off to bed. HOpe you find the link or a suitable word to use!
We use front bum and bum... but my dd is only 2.3 I'm sure we'll change them as she gets older.

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 23:28:00

I think Minnie, that we use, is not so sweet as it sounds as its baby talk for minge!!!!!

Mum2Ela Fri 09-Jan-04 10:06:45

Found it!

Its under Parenting - 'Calling all mums of DD's '

Soz, can't link.

Only found it cos I posted on there that we call it a 'foof' and I searched using 'foof'!

Loobie Fri 09-Jan-04 11:38:54

Us too my dd has a foof and the boys have a man.Thought the flower thing a bit hard as ds1 is autistic and new fine well that THAT was NOT a FLOWER.

Kazziegirl Fri 09-Jan-04 11:50:04

Like Hana we use Front bum which seems to work okay at the minute. Sure it will change in time.

Clarinet60 Fri 09-Jan-04 11:51:31

I've heard people calling it their 'in-betweens' (between the legs), but you may think this too euphamistic (sp). DS1 has been asking why don't girls have willy's lately, and how do they go to the toilet. I just said they have a kind of little spout, as he caught me unawares. It is hard knowing what to say without being too graphic at this stage.

Mummysurfer Fri 09-Jan-04 12:33:35


Gumdrop Fri 09-Jan-04 13:29:58


As in (v loud) " When I grow up I'm going to have hair on my nunny as well, aren't I", in Kendals crowded loos. Exit past sniggering line..........

Lisa78 Fri 09-Jan-04 13:44:28

twinkle - we only have boys and actually use this to refer to the dogs bits!
She had an infection in it last year, the vet was mystified when I said she seemed to be having problems with her twinkle...
V embarrassing

emmatmg Fri 09-Jan-04 14:12:49

middle or nonnie?

codswallop Fri 09-Jan-04 14:13:54

I failed

donnie Fri 09-Jan-04 14:15:00

we call it a minnie too.

Levanna Fri 09-Jan-04 22:32:16

We call it a 'tutti'.
If I have a boy, just out of fairness, I'll make up a completely different name for his bits (as opposed to the usual too!) I have a friend who encouraged her children to call it the 'yonni' this is an Eastern (as far as I remember!) accurate word for all the 'outer' parts of the female reproductive system. She used the accurate term of the same language for her boys parts.
My MIL suggested 'tutti' actually, as it was what children in the family in her generation used, and I thought it would be nice for my DD that at least her family would know what she was going on about, and be completely comfortable with it, as they've always used it!

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