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Grunting Kicking and Shaking!

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Spod Thu 08-Jan-04 19:00:17

My dd (3mths) starts off her nighttime sleeps in her own cot...quite happy there, no probs. When she wakes for her feed I have been leaving her in bed with me (breastfeeding) as she will feed on and off for a while. I make the effort to sit her up for a burp... she usually manages this on her own. But she will usually spend the rest of the night grunting, kicking and shaking her head from side to side (painfull if breast is still under it!) seemingly in her sleep.... no crying... what is she doing and why and HOW CAN I MAKE IT STOP? she does seem to sleep too....whether in short naps the same as me or whether she sleeps through it i don know? any suggestions?

Spod Thu 08-Jan-04 19:55:11

am i the only one with a grunting, stomping baby... maybe she just wants the bed to herself?

popsycal Thu 08-Jan-04 19:57:09

Not quite the same but by ds used to make very bizarre noises in his sleep when tiny....
Being the paranoid mum that I was I once told the HV and asked for advice and she looked at me as though I were mad - so I know where you are coming from!
Does she seem at all distressed?
Have you tried putting her back in her cot?

Lisa78 Thu 08-Jan-04 19:58:16

no you're not, mine does it too though just when feeding and practically every single feed. Nothing I tried has stopped him except vigilant grip on head (he'll probably have dents in it as an adult )
HV didn't have a clue why either - sorry, no help I know, just wanted to let you know you are not on your own with this one. If you find a solution, please pass it on

Spod Thu 08-Jan-04 20:41:28

i will try putting her back in her cot... haven't had the energy to get out of bed and try this yet... she doesnt seem distressed... more agitated/irritated, like she wants some restful sleep but cant settle into it...

suzywong Thu 08-Jan-04 21:09:32

I don't think location has anything tp do with it if she's not crying. It is their little digestive systems monopolising their energy. She should grow out of it by 4 or 5 months

I say this with experience as my ds2 does exactly the same thing, the sqquirming the stomping the snorting the gurning and he is progressively growing out of it as the weeks go by. he is BF and 17 weeks and sleeps next to me, which is why I don't think being in or out of the cot makes any difference. DS1 had similar treatment and didn't squirm. It's just some do some don't. Is very annoying in the middle of the night though, I agree.

Davros Thu 08-Jan-04 22:57:00

My (now 9 mos) baby did this jerky "St Vitus dance" for a while but grew out of it a few months ago. It bothered me at first but now I've forgotten all about it! I just left her sleeping in her cot as I'd rather be shot from a cannon than wake a sleeping baby, no matter how jerky!!

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