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fantastic piece of marketing?

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SenoraPostrophe Thu 08-Jan-04 17:37:20

I just had to share this - it's made my day.

I've just been checking out the competition for a website I ...erm... do stuff for. Found this well-made site which obviously wants to convey the idea that they offer a "great deal" on the coast of Spain. Name of the website is.......

I'm *very* tempted to email them to ask if their apartments really do cost a great deal.

Festivefly Thu 08-Jan-04 17:39:09


suzywong Thu 08-Jan-04 17:39:38

You really are killing time until that baby comes out aren't you
Can't you go and clean out the kitchen cupboards like the rest of us?

SenoraPostrophe Thu 08-Jan-04 17:40:14

don't do nesting! Dp did it last time.

WideWebWitch Thu 08-Jan-04 18:03:39

Ha Ha! Had no idea you were so close to giving birth SP, good luck! (not that you'll need it I'm sure)

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