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Purely theoretical moral dilemma.

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marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 14:36:36

Say, just say, you ordered several items from a well-known mail order company, let's call it Vext. Say one of the things you ordered was a T-shirt for your 2 year old, costing less than a fiver. Say, when your order arrived, the invoice showed that you had been sent and charged for said T-shirt, and there was a bag with a sticker on it appertaining to said T-shirt. When you opened the (theoretical) bag, however, instead of a cute T-shirt it contained a rather nice pair of wide leg, navy blue, linen trousers, costing rather more than a your size.

Well, just out of interest of course, as this is purely a "what if?" scenario..what would you do?

M2T Thu 08-Jan-04 14:39:08

Ahem.... theoretically speaking of course.... I'd be obliged to keep them and phone them up complaining that your T'shirt didn't arrive. The trouser must have been a small gift from Vext, but to miss off the T-shirt!! That's just bad customer service.

Northerner Thu 08-Jan-04 14:39:10

Keep the trousers of course!

marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 14:41:01

M2T, in theory, I wouldn't have the brass faced cheek to do that

Angeliz Thu 08-Jan-04 14:41:57

i agree with M2T, i hate bad customer serive and i think theoretically you should be compensated for your inconvenience (maybe a theoretical voucher)

StressyHead Thu 08-Jan-04 14:42:12

message withdrawn

JanHR Thu 08-Jan-04 14:42:53

Marthamoo, I am with M2T on this one. Phone them up and say that you have been charged for the T=-shirt but it was not received. Don't mention the trousers

marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 14:43:31

Do you honestly think I should ring and say I didn't get the T-shirt? I can't....

In theory.

Festivefly Thu 08-Jan-04 14:43:47

Keep the trousers and put a fiver in a charity box to cancel out the bad karma. Its a immoral well used trick in my house

M2T Thu 08-Jan-04 14:43:54

Angeliz - Fab idea! A voucher at the very least!! Perhaps 20% off her next order too??

marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 14:45:02

Have to go and get ds1 from school. Will do a quick *mums in the Playground* poll and if they are in concurrence with MN Mums...well...maybe I will ring!

Blu Thu 08-Jan-04 14:46:19

I'd probably have to order another 4 or 5 T shirts in different colours, just to make sure that it couldn't possibly happen again, of course....

Twinkie Thu 08-Jan-04 14:47:20

Message withdrawn

salt Thu 08-Jan-04 14:58:36

I'd keep them and (if you didn't have to sign for the trousers) phone up and request the t-shirt as it never actually arrived!

Otherwise I'd go into 'vext' and buy said t-shirt (using cash of course)

JanH Thu 08-Jan-04 15:00:48

salt, that's a good hypothetical fairly moral solution!

JanH Thu 08-Jan-04 15:02:44

Or do I mean theoretical...mind you FF's is the moralest.

I wonder if someone else got the Tshirt in the beg that should have contained their nice wideleg trousers?

dinosaur Thu 08-Jan-04 15:04:46

theoretically speaking, it might be in theory to correct to say that a theoretical sister of mine had a similar experience - and kept the theoretical extras - and has never been found out - whether in theory or otherwise!

bundle Thu 08-Jan-04 15:07:58

my theoretical sil might theoretically have bought a mirror from wabitat, costing say a theoretical £100, and theoretically when she opened the box at home it might have had TWO mirrors in it
I (theoretically) wouldn't have taken it back..

StressyHead Thu 08-Jan-04 15:08:34

message withdrawn

bundle Thu 08-Jan-04 15:08:48

my theoretical sil might theoretically have bought a mirror from wabitat, costing say a theoretical £100, and theoretically when she opened the box at home it might have had TWO mirrors in it
I (theoretically) wouldn't have taken it back..

Angeliz Thu 08-Jan-04 15:13:50

dp and i once bought a rocky horse for 50 quid from ,lets say Hakro.
When we got it to the till lets say i theoretically realised there were two in the box and theoretically kept my mouth shut. Then my ever honest dp realised and TOLD the cashier!!! Well , lets just say that theoretically i would've been quite peeved and never let him live it down.

CountessDracula Thu 08-Jan-04 15:15:19

Keep them of course!

marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 15:21:42

Couldn't do my poll. Moral Mum decided to stand with me and my usual motley bunch of miscreants. She wears court shoes. And sometimes pearls. I just couldn't do it. Even though it's simply a exercise in ethical thinking.

In theory, I may be about to extend this scenario and make an imaginary phone call to a theoretical customer services person. I hope Vext telephone staff don't log on to MN.

Ooh, my little heart's beating away very fast...I take these imaginary scenarios very seriously you know.

marthamoo Thu 08-Jan-04 15:22:42

I'd forgotten the bf-ing thing - suddenly I have righteous indignation on my side

Mum2Ela Thu 08-Jan-04 15:26:03

Keep the trousers and complain that you never received the t-shirt.

It may well be thevery same 'Vext' thay delivered my leather dining rooms chairs and left them in my front garden whilst I was on my honeymoon for 3 weeks!!

Theoretically, my DH often theoretically hides smaller items under larger items at a theoretical DIY shop called 'Q & B' so he theoretically does not have to pay for them!

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