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To everyone who thinks working on a chatline is 'easy money'

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FastasleepInABunnySuit Sat 08-Apr-06 11:55:17

It flipping well isn't!

I would have posted this on my original thread but can't find the damn thing, sorry

I have to get up at 2am to work, and I didn't even feel so sick with nerves on my wedding day, it was an awful feeling.... hopefully my confidence will kick in for tonights graveyard shift....

You get callers who want to do awful things and you have to hang up, you get really rude people saying you're sh*te who hang up in the middle of your conversation... you get people pestering for your address and you're not allowed to hang up just dissaude them... and then you get hilarious weirdos! But then I couldn't think of anything much to say and my calls lasted about 7 minutes each... and each one was as nerve-wracking as the first!

Is anyone else who was interested in the chatline thing working yet?

(Please let tonight be better than last night!)

BingoStingo Sat 08-Apr-06 11:56:07

this isa sex line?
what do you have to do
go on fess up

FastasleepInABunnySuit Sat 08-Apr-06 11:58:58

Yes cod... I'm doing it cos we're sknit, but I'm expressing full time and a full time mum and if anyone can think of a different job that earns £9 an hour that I could actually do then let me know!!

I had spank a guy down the phone (hand clapping!!) and tie him to a bed... and worse things that I shan't go into at this hour (one man wnated to wear women's clothes and be paraded round town)..

got to go to IL's now, just wanted to tell the someone who said it was easy money that it isn't!!

Spacecadet Sat 08-Apr-06 11:59:40

do you sit there in your fleecey dressing gown, saying oh yes ive got sexy undies on!!!!

ItalianJob Sat 08-Apr-06 12:03:08

as opposed to what SC - putting on your best undies and negligee and sit there freezing away by the phone???

LadyTophamHatt Sat 08-Apr-06 12:04:31

God....getting up at 2am to talk dirty to wierdos when you already have to get up for a baby.
I'd rather eat sawdust and drink the water from the toilet.

I'm not sure if I admire you or think you're mad!
A bit of both I think.

anorak Sat 08-Apr-06 12:28:43

Fastasleep are you sure you can't find something else? This is going to destroy your soul

collision Sat 08-Apr-06 12:31:24

Couldnt you do ironing or something?

Am sure you would get good money for that and you could do it while the baby sleeps and you watch TV!

Sex line job sounds awful. I would also rather eat sawdust and drink loo water!

essbee Sat 08-Apr-06 12:31:38

Message withdrawn

essbee Sat 08-Apr-06 12:32:30

Message withdrawn

Nbg Sat 08-Apr-06 12:32:54


Is the money good or shall I re-phrase that and say is it worth the money?

What does your dh say about it?

You must have alot of nerve to do it. I don't think I could and if I did I'd probably end up pmsl down the phone!

Nbg Sat 08-Apr-06 12:36:54

Cleaning isn't too bad and the hours can be quite good if you have kids.

I wouldn't recommend Avon to anyone. I ended up owing them money from my first order. It would only work if you knew a big group of people you could rely on for orders like a playgroup/nursery, family/friends and neighbours.
You also have to make loads of trips out to re circulate the catalogues, then go back again to pick up their orders and then back again to deliver their stuff. Alot of hassle for little money.

Chandra Sat 08-Apr-06 12:36:55

Fasta... I think the damage to your person in the long run doesn't justify the money you are getting at the moment. If you reallly hate the job try to find other alternatives, I'm sure none will pay as much per hour as this one will be feeling better and that's worth every penny.

FastasleepInABunnySuit Sat 08-Apr-06 12:37:51

Ironing is a possibility... don't know how you'get' that kind of 'job' though lol... I can't do anything away from the house as I'm still expressing...

I was wearing my comfy old maternity nighty, a warm top and a blue snuggly blanket!!

I don't thin it will destroy my soul - had worse things happen to me

anorak Sat 08-Apr-06 12:39:07

But in your opening post you sounded so sad. I felt awful for you.

FastasleepInABunnySuit Sat 08-Apr-06 12:40:47

Sort of sad... but, I think I'll be ok, it's acting I just have to get into it you know...

the first night is the worst, so everyone says... soon it'll just be a vague background noise!

suzywong Sat 08-Apr-06 12:41:24

you did sound sad
but if you can hack it why don't you go online to a saucy story site and just read it off the screen. I imagine it is much easier said than done but then you wouldn't have to rack your brain.

You could keep a card index; P. Paraded around town in Panties. Ah yes did that last Thursday, here we go.

FWIW I think you are very entrpreneurial and you must be very dedicated to your family and your ebm (good for you)

JoolsToo Sat 08-Apr-06 12:41:58

but its acting to the worst kind of audience - I don't know how you do it - I wouldn't for any money!!!

Good luck with it though, if its what you want.

spacedonkey Sat 08-Apr-06 12:43:00

I think you're jolly brave to do it FA. I imagine that you'll feel less weird about it as time goes on - have you ever read the book "Dominatrix" (amazon link here )?

It's a very interesting read - okay, she doesn't work on a chatline, but her description of how she got into it, and the experience of her first few clients is similar to yours in many respects (tbh it makes hilarious reading). She regards what she does as performing a public service

FastasleepInABunnySuit Sat 08-Apr-06 12:43:07

thanks suzy I'm going to research tonight, the main upsetting thing was stammering and stuttering and not knowing what to tell them...

collision Sat 08-Apr-06 12:47:41

Put some ads in the local newsagent and charge accordingly for ironing. Either by per item or by weight.

They can drop it off to you and pick it up later in the day.

dont do the sexline...sounds so degrading.

spacedonkey Sat 08-Apr-06 12:52:16

I don't mean to be flippant, but ironing is pretty degrading too imo!

collision Sat 08-Apr-06 12:53:43


Watch TV and get paid while doing a bit of ironing!

spacedonkey Sat 08-Apr-06 12:54:09

mmm, depends how much you hate ironing (i.e. in my case, greatly)

JanH Sat 08-Apr-06 13:04:05

There was an ad in our local paper for a cleaner this week - £7.50 an hour (only 2 hours a week though).

Do you get paid for a set number of hours whether you're talking or not, fa? How quickly does the phone ring again after each call?

I like suzy's idea of a saucy stories card index!

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