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Day trip tommorow with 16wk dd but were & what to do???

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melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 18:15:28

Live in North London, and was wondering if anyone had ideas for a day out/trip tommorow.

DH said <<<<NO SHOPPING>>>>, so that rules out Selfridges/Bluewater/Harrods etc!!!(my fav pastime!! !!!)

My dh wondered why I hadn't asked everyone on here sooner!!!He says you are "the font of all knowledge"!!!!

CP Wed 07-Jan-04 18:17:07

What about a trip to the aquarium and the London Eye? Should stimulate little one no end. Have a lovely day and let us know what you did.

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 18:28:51

I love it there , but DH cant face the underground and driving up means congestion charge & parking. Good idea though it is a lovely aqaurium

fisil Wed 07-Jan-04 18:45:35

National Gallery. Went there at the same time. DS slept most of the way round. No access problems at all (go in through the Sainsbury Wing).

aloha Wed 07-Jan-04 18:59:28

Do what YOU want to do, your dd will prob just sleep through it all. Any exhibitions you want to see? What about meeting a friend for lunch? Have a posh tea and cakes somewhere?

bossykate Wed 07-Jan-04 19:23:16

so is central london out then, melsy? where abouts in n. london are you? you could go to st. albans, hatfield, whipsnade, woburn...

suzywong Wed 07-Jan-04 19:30:00

melsy, I'm in North London with a 17 weel old (and a 2,8 ds) maybe we could do a day trip together sometime?

aloha Wed 07-Jan-04 20:03:19

I like National Trust places for a wander round, but then I am v boring middle aged person. Also member of the National Trust. A child-friendly country pub for lunch?? Always a good one IMO. I really, honestly wouldn't bother doing anything for your dd at this age. They don't appreciate it - they just like to be with you. What would you have done on a day trip pre-kids? Why not do that?

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 20:17:46

Might persaude DH to go into central L, I am only 15-20mins from St Albans etc , and we go there alot. Just fancied somewere different. Aloha I would love to go to an exhibition (reminds me of old times), any ideas. Hasnt V&A got a fashion thingy on at the mo?? Anyone remember that Japanese tea house & Tokyo street installation they did there ooooh about 11 yrs ago . It was unbelivably amazing. Something like that I would love to do.

Suzywong that would be great, lets arrange something in the next couple of weeks , were abouts are you in North London?? I have friends in a few diff areas.

DH is watching relocation relocation and wants to go to Witstable tommorow !!! Wot if it rains eeerghhh.

suzywong Wed 07-Jan-04 20:22:49

Melsy I am in N6- Highgate

Whitstable is pretty but must be prepared to eat seafood and very little else if it rains! Also is bloody miles, you know what the north circ is like, but don't let me put you off.

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 20:30:08

OOh Highate is lovely , we often go to Zizi's on a Sunday. Which end r u Hampstead or Archway??

suzywong Wed 07-Jan-04 21:04:16

at the hornsey lane end opposite waterlow park, where are you?

philippat Wed 07-Jan-04 22:01:54

melsy, i'm pretty sure V&A still has Gothic on at the mo. Royal Academy has a fashion exhibition (Gucci?) on in their new exhibition space round the back which used to be the Museum of Mankind. You can touch the dresses apparently. Bill Viola at the National Gallery is totally stunning and probablt very relaxing for baby as quite dark in most places (don't take buggy!).

Aylesbury has a really cute little museum with a kids bit all Quentin Blake and Dahl (but probably too old for yours). Stevenage museum is fantastic (honestly).

sorry, museum and gallery expert!

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:10:49

I would love to go to Royal Academy ,mentioned GUCCI to DH just now and he said "BOOOOring". What a fart arse, anything to do with clothes makes him runa mile, just like me and football I suppose!!! AAARRRGGGH he is such a PAIN. I love museums , that lovely hush, calm.

Philippat you can be my resident TIME OUT guide!!!

Bei ng ignorant of this , why can I not take the buggy??? I wont be able to hold her, bad back.

philippat Wed 07-Jan-04 22:17:39

oh, only in the Bill Viola - it's so dark in places and people sit on the floor all over to watch the pieces, you'd bang into them right left and centre.

sorry it's armani, not gucci here , but I don't spose that will help with dh!

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:31:20

Thanks for the link, was just looking at it on another page!!! It looks really interesting , just my sort of thing. Now if it had been about FOOD then DH would be jumping with joy.

suzywong Wed 07-Jan-04 22:32:31

Melsy, do I take it I live at the 'wrong' end of Highgate for you

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:34:45

may be I should just leave him at home with DD and go there myself tommorow!!

philippat Wed 07-Jan-04 22:35:19

There's always Fortnum & Mason's on the other side of the road - he could pretend it was a museum!

philippat Wed 07-Jan-04 22:35:59

Or tea at the Ritz...

philippat Wed 07-Jan-04 22:36:15

oohh, I want a day out!

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:36:58

OOOh sorry Suzy, wasnt ignoring you,trying to keep up with several other threads.

Im not sure were you are. Dont be silly "wrong" end !!! Have I been percieved as a snob type???

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:38:40

Actually if I mention Fortnums for lunch he might be persauded!! He starts his new job in a week or so and has been at home with me for last 6weeks and we need to look back at this time as special time with each other & DD.

suzywong Wed 07-Jan-04 22:39:47

No just teasing!

It sounds as though you are going to have a great time tomorrow. I'm basically at the other end of the village from Zizi's by the crossroads.

melsy Wed 07-Jan-04 22:42:47

I see a lunch meet up then Zizi's may be ??? I must say I did prefer all bar ones ham, egg & chips though!! Even though I shouldnt eat that and not just because of WW!!

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