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Was there a child with achondroplasia (dwarfism) on Child of our Time?

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emkana Thu 06-Apr-06 23:21:15

I can't remember that, but it's been suggested to me that there was. If it was true I would try and get hold of the programme because my baby might have achondroplasia.
Does anybody know for definite?

misdee Thu 06-Apr-06 23:24:02

it was for the series born different. i'll see what i can find. his name was hamish.

misdee Thu 06-Apr-06 23:25:29

born to be different IIRC the family moved to new zealand in the 2nd lot of shows.

i havent posted on your threads much but want you to know i have read them and am thinking of you.

emkana Thu 06-Apr-06 23:26:42

Thank you misdee

lockets Thu 06-Apr-06 23:26:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ToujoursMarine Thu 06-Apr-06 23:27:19

Yes, he was Hamish. emkana, you might want to contact the producers at C4, explain the situation and ask for some tapes of the show. IME producers of this kind of conscientious, thoughtful TV tend to be lovely people in RL.

ToujoursMarine Thu 06-Apr-06 23:30:33

BTW, Imogen Edwards-Jones' baby Allegra caused concern throughout her pregnancy due to strongly suspected achondroplasia from scans and she has just been signed off from GOSH with a complete all clear. She had nothing wrong with her and was not even that little when born. IEJ is a columnist in the Daily Telegraph and the good news about Allegra was published earlier this week. Meant to post to you about this.

JanH Thu 06-Apr-06 23:34:00

Imogen's latest piece in the Telegraph.

This development had passed me by, emkana. I will be thinking about you too.

ToujoursMarine Thu 06-Apr-06 23:37:15

Ah you linking superstar Mod Janh you, well done. IEJ's tone in some of the earlier columns drove me nuts "less attractive" for her dh indeed! But was so happy for them both that Allegra is fit and well and hoping for a similar outcome for you emkana.

emkana Thu 06-Apr-06 23:42:40

Thank you for that!

Good night for now!

ChicPea Thu 06-Apr-06 23:46:44

Bought her book today on IVF and couldn't put it down, finished it in fact this evening as it was so interesting! She named the specialist she saw for the suspected dwarfism at UCH but have forgotten the name and book is on another floor but will find it tomorrow and post. Might be worth a referral.

ChicPea Fri 07-Apr-06 10:58:09

The specialists name is Lyn Chitty at University College Hospital in London. Not sure where you are emkana but you may wish to get a referral to her. Maybe google her?

emkana Fri 07-Apr-06 13:39:40

Thank you for that ChicPea!

ChicPea Tue 04-Aug-09 21:22:31

Emkana, where are you now and how are you and what did happen? I haven't been on Mumsnet for ages and busy with now four children and I work as well. Have just found your name but have wondered over the years.

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