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What to find a friend

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rosey Sun 06-Jan-02 23:48:52

hi happy new year 2 everyone,my name is sharon i am a mum of 4 lovely kids 2boys ages 14,4yrs,2girls age 12,6months old i dont have friends near where i live in west london i know people but only to say hi an bye,i do have few close mates but they live very far from me,i also suffer from pnd i had this problem before i am more stronger the more you get it the more you become strong,its very scarey when we have it its good to talk i am 34yrs old

jasper Mon 07-Jan-02 01:00:36

Wellcome Rosey. I know virtual friends are not the same as the flesh and blood sort but at least they won't run off with your husband!
You will get loads of frienldy support here.
Congratulations on your lovely family.
Enjoy those kidders and visit mumsnet often!

winnie Mon 07-Jan-02 07:59:49

Rosey, welcome to Mumsnet.

robinw Tue 08-Jan-02 07:49:42

message withdrawn

JacquiKD Fri 11-Jan-02 16:52:37


I have tto say that this is a great website to make "virtual" friends.

You can be totally honest about anything and nobody judges you (like some "so called" friends do.


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