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Swimming lessons

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WhoNeedsAFullNightsSleep Wed 21-Nov-12 13:52:41

Hi all,

I signed my DD and DS up for swimming lessons at the start of this term. I pretty much went with the first person I found when I googled lessons in the local area (but in my defence she could give me a lesson slot at a time that suited around nursery, in a private pool, and exclusively for my two kids). The sessions are half an hour and she charges £14 per child (so £28 a week). Obviously over the term that mounts up to the best part of £400. Just wondering what the going rate is in London...


imnotmymum Wed 21-Nov-12 13:54:01

Wow. No idea we are lucky school does this and we swim regularly. I am in the wrong job.

dabdab Wed 21-Nov-12 14:00:52

My dd is in a group lesson - public pool, changing numbers in the group, usually around 6. Half an hour session, £4.15 / session. We are in the southeast. £28/week sounds a lot! But I do think children make quicker progress with 1:1. My dd is taking a while to progress. Think carefully though - lessons seem to go on for years!

olimogadoodle Wed 21-Nov-12 14:05:51

My dd had 1 to 1 at a local leisure centre and it was £12 a session so £14 doesn't sound that bad for a private pool. We are in Essex. I also know of friends paying almost £20 per half hour for private lessons with a local gym/health club.

WhoNeedsAFullNightsSleep Thu 22-Nov-12 08:04:20

Thanks all - much appreciated. I think it's probably pretty fair for the lessons we're getting then.. I am concerned that this is going to be an ongoing expense... At the moment it's all about building up their confidence in the water. Once they are more comfortable with it, I might look to taking them swimming at the weekends instead.

DilysPrice Thu 22-Nov-12 08:09:30

I did 2:1 for a while, booked through the council leisure centre (london) and I'm sure it wasn't 28 quid for half an hour, nothing like.

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