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opera for beginners - which one should I choose?

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reddwarf Tue 20-Nov-12 13:04:59

Having never been to the opera, was going to get dh tickets for Christmas. I recognise big names like Carmen, the butcher of Seville, the Magic Flute, madame butterfly and Aida. But which one should I choose. Are any better for beginners than others?

ALso, is it worth paying for the best seats (there is a mad price difference, ranging from 11 up to 130!!!

helpyourself Tue 20-Nov-12 13:25:28

I was thinking of Magic Flute or Carmen before I saw your post. I love, love love (!) MF, but it's completely preposterous, so if you've not seen anything else it might be a bit too much.
Carmen's great- straightforward dramatic and beautiful music.
As for seats- I've sat everywhere! The sound's the same, and although the productions are visual, it's not like ballet or a musical or a straight play in terms of seeing what's going on/ relating to the characters- so that's not much help. Have fun!

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