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Cool Island jumper hunt

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Ems Sat 05-Jan-02 11:59:36

My mum got ds a great jumper for Christmas, and I've gone and shrunk it aaaggghh!!!!!! Threw it in with all the other stuff.

The labels says COOL ISLAND (2-12Y). Does anyone know where she might have got it from, I've just tried House of Fraser as I know thats her local dept store, but no luck there.

Many thanks.

jodee Sat 05-Jan-02 14:47:23

Ems, why don't you ask her - but indirectly? Say that ds really loves his Cool Island jumper and you would like to buy some other clothes for him in the same brand, where did she find it? she would be flattered that she had made such a good choice for a Christmas pressie and you could dash to the shops pronto!

ChanelNo5 Sat 05-Jan-02 14:49:36

Ems - I did a search on Google for 'Cool Island clothes' and it came up with a load of old cobblers! Don't know if you'd have any luck trying a search on something else. If not, why don't you say to your Mum that a friend has admired his jumper and would like you to get her one for her child, so could she tell you where she got it from. Good luck in your quest!

Ems Sat 05-Jan-02 19:21:28

Thanks guys, I did several searches this afternoon, and discovered it is a french brand, which makes sense as they went to France for their summer hols. Now I'm really stuffed. It was such a lovely lovely jumper, and I feel so guilty! It's been on my mind all day.

SueDonim Sat 05-Jan-02 19:37:13

A long shot here but I could ask my DS's girlfriend, Ems. She's from Paris, so might be able to get someone to buy a replacement.

Ems Sat 05-Jan-02 19:44:00

SueDomin, that is such a kind offer. A huge thankyou.

It is pale grey with 2 dark grey stripes above the elbow (2-3cm wide). 50% lambswool, 25% viscose, 25% nylon made in Turkey.

There is also a tiny crest logo on the chest.

Label inside the neck says Cool Island. Size S.


Ems Sat 05-Jan-02 19:44:39

Suedonim even ....

SueDonim Sat 05-Jan-02 21:01:38

Okay, will ask tomorrow - they've gone to see LOTR tonight, for the second time! We'd better check we can swap addresses offlist first, though - Tech can arrange that, I think? Will let you know, anyway.

Ems Sun 06-Jan-02 13:42:02

SueDonim, found a tel no for Cool Island France 01 43 71 14 98 and 7 Cours de Vincennes, 75020 Paris. Dont know if its head office or shop etc.
Might help ds's girlfriend.

Mumsnet wont mind swapping our addresses etc if we e-mail them with permission. So let me know if you need me! Thanks again.

SueDonim Sun 06-Jan-02 13:49:31

That's great, Ems! I'll tell the GF when she gets up(!!!!) and hopefully she can call them tomorrow.

SueDonim Tue 08-Jan-02 07:35:14

Sending the GF off with details today to check availabilty, Ems, will let you know the result tonight, hopefully!

SueDonim Wed 09-Jan-02 23:21:02

No luck, so far, Ems. The shops say they have none left, it was 'end of a line' so I guess they mean last seasons? Will check the warehouse tomorrow, though.

Ems Thu 10-Jan-02 13:26:16

many thanks SueDonim, fingers crossed.

SueDonim Sat 19-Jan-02 21:01:51

Ems, just to let you know that we've had no luck trying to track down the jumper. I think it must have been last season's, as it isn't available any more. Sorry.

Ems Sun 20-Jan-02 18:09:04

Hi SueDonim, thank you so much for taking the time to help and look. Big thanks to your sons girlfriend too.

SueDonim Sun 20-Jan-02 20:42:16

Thanks, Ems, you're welcome!

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