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Anyone know where I can get a make your own will form online?

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SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 16:23:47

anyone? preferably a free one!

fio2 Mon 05-Jan-04 16:27:09

sorry i dont know where you can get them online but i know you can get the kits from whsmith. I know you are in spain but i wouldnt mind posting you one if all else fails

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 16:28:33

Ah, thanks fio! If you can't get them online I may have to start another new website business venture! (but you must be able to...)

popsycal Mon 05-Jan-04 16:31:23

i would be interested int this too!!!
we have put this off for 4 years....eeek

stinky Mon 05-Jan-04 16:50:55

Don't know of any online, but we used the one on Microsoft Money which is very good. HTH

StuartC Mon 05-Jan-04 16:52:05

Here is a site which shows simple wills.
This shows what happens to your money, etc if you die without a will.
Which have a site that will give you loads of information if you sign-up for their free 30 day trial.
This site charges for wills, but many people may not want to do it themselves.

dinosaur Mon 05-Jan-04 16:52:36

It is not actually that expensive to get a solicitor to do it.

We are getting ours done at the moment. Quote about £240 for both.

Luckymum Mon 05-Jan-04 16:52:59

Have a look at this and search for Wills, there's loads of info, but be careful, home-made wills can cause loads of problems if not made properly. Ring round a couple of local solicitors, they do them pretty cheap these days (I'm not a solicitor by the way )

Luckymum Mon 05-Jan-04 16:54:43

We did ours through our bank and it cost £80. Bargain!

fio2 Mon 05-Jan-04 16:55:31

I think it was only 10 pound in whsmith!

stinky Mon 05-Jan-04 16:57:04

I think the Post Office do one for £4.

hmb Mon 05-Jan-04 17:02:06

I'm not a solicitor, ans dh isn't a solicitor, but all the advice I have read is not to DIY. Contact your local solicitor and check the prices. We had two done for less than 100. Things can go badly wrong if it isn't all OK.

fio2 Mon 05-Jan-04 17:04:29

my sister didnt even write a will and it was a nightmare still is actually, think i am going to have to start a new thread!

Hulababy Mon 05-Jan-04 17:08:05

Please me very careful making your own will. DH is a solicitor and specialises in this area. He sends a lot of time dealing with estates with homemade wills. Unless you are very lucky and you have a completely straight forward will (and I mean VERY basic) then it may cost your estate more to sort it out than the will would have cost in the first place - a lot more!

I will ask DH when he gets in about current prices for average wills if you like so you have an idea of how much a 'proper' one would cost.

I do recommend you use a solicitor though than a DIY or one of those will writing companies.

katierocket Mon 05-Jan-04 18:02:15

agree with other posts - do get done by solicitor if possible - we were quoted £70 and £100 by two different solicitors.

hoxtonchick Mon 05-Jan-04 19:21:34

dinosaur, do you mind telling me where you're getting yours done? i think you're in hackney, like we are, & i want to get a local firm to do ours. i've been into a couple of dodgy looking places on kingsland rd but they were no help. my sil is a solicitor, but is being useless... thanks

Hulababy Mon 05-Jan-04 19:33:30

DH charges about £100 for a husband/wife set of wills assuming not setting up trusts over properties or any tax planning. This is a large firm in Sheffield so some of the big cities will be dearer; the smaller towns cheaper.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 19:42:28

Thanks everyone.

The problem is that under Spanish law, everything has to go to your next of kin, but I know we can get around this by putting a statement at the top to the effect that we are UK citizens and that the wills are to be executed with the principle of free distribution of assets, or something (I have the exact legal statement somewhere but not to hand).

Possibly a solicitor would be in order (for dp at least - I own next to nothing anyway), but a Spanish solicitor would not know how to write a will under the UK law. And I'm b***ered if I'm using a cowboy ex-pat solicitor.

Would it be possible to get one made up remotely?

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 19:46:02

hulababy - does that assume that the husband/wife wills will be mirror images?

Luckymum Mon 05-Jan-04 20:37:43

SenoraPostrophe - do you have a UK bank account and if so does your bank have an expat. dept? You could try them?

dinosaur Mon 05-Jan-04 22:36:49

hoxtonchick - it is a small firm near the Barbican (not far from where I work) - I have left the details at the office but could post them tomorrow on this thread

hoxtonchick Mon 05-Jan-04 22:38:00

oooh thanks, dinosaur, ds & i can have a trip there on the bus.

hana Tue 06-Jan-04 17:32:51

thanks to whoever flagged this one up - I have passed by a local solicitor's office practically on a daily basis for the past 2 years.......finally went in today and requested information about wills for dh and I - got the pack, will fill them in tonight and part with £90 tomorrow. They say we will have them back at the beginning of next week. Sooooo easy and I've put it off for how long? Feel really good now! And one thing ticked off my very long long list of things to do......

Hulababy Tue 06-Jan-04 17:34:59

SP - I think so. It would depend o how different they need to be. Otherwise you would pay for two seperate ones. Not sure how much they comes to but will check when DH gets in.

Hulababy Tue 06-Jan-04 17:36:51

SP - I will ask DH how yours would work. He does do wills remotely so I am pretty sure other firms would to. He has done friends via the internet. He asked them a list of questions, drew uo their wills, posted them to them with clear explanation, made changes via e-mail again, posted proper ones out for signing (they arranged own witnesses). If you have tax or trust planning may be more difficult.

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