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Any good Online Sales ????

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crystaltips Mon 05-Jan-04 14:19:47

Cannot be bothered to traipse around the stores at the moment - but would like to hit the sales.
Do you know of any good web-sites that I can visit ....
Really not very choosy what they sell - just want to see if I strike gold and get a bargain

codswallop Mon 05-Jan-04 14:22:23

not much left tho

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 14:29:32

Message withdrawn

WSM Mon 05-Jan-04 14:31:34

I managed to get a few nice bits and bobs for DD from the Vertbaudet sale section of their site at this morning. Got a lovely jacket, hat and scarf set, pair of trousers, hooded cardi and a pair of slippers for £40. Like Coddy says though, there isn't much left now as the sales have been on for 2+ weeks now. Best of luck !

nearlymybeetrootday Mon 05-Jan-04 14:35:47

Message withdrawn

crystaltips Mon 05-Jan-04 14:37:33

I'm rather late aren't I ?? Used to be that seles were at the start of Jan !! Just taken my tree down and all I can see is dust

motherinferior Mon 05-Jan-04 14:49:26

I bought a cardie at Boden too

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 14:53:20 still have a fair amount of designer stuff left - the sale proper didn't start until late.

And what about the unwanted christmas prezzies on ebay?

NGPY Mon 05-Jan-04 15:56:52

The Brora one starts tomorrow - here . Some good bargains on cashmere jumpers, cardis and dressing gowns.

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