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absolute panic!! Somebody please advise!!

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Helsbels Mon 05-Jan-04 12:00:02

Have booked flights for Spain for April 28th - will be 29 weeks when I go and coming up to 31 weeks when I return - I can not get insurance through Easyjet any ideas? Seriously panicking now!!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 12:03:59

I'm sure there are companies which will insure you up to 32 weeks but don't know one off-hand.

However you don't actually need insurance for Spain. If you have an E111 you will be fully covered for emergency medical care - you just won't be covered for lost baggage or missing your flight. Public health care in Spain is really very good - don't worry!

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 12:07:45

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Mon 05-Jan-04 12:12:28

No, Twinkie, you do need an E111 - just being a british citizen isn't enough. They are easy to get from the post office though.

Helsbels Mon 05-Jan-04 12:12:40

Thanks for that - I feel a bit calmer now.... Oh and congratulations on giving up the smokes, Twinkie. I did it 4 years ago and have never felt better.

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 12:17:43

Message withdrawn

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