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archers listeners!

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bea Sun 04-Jan-04 17:44:13

yee gads!!!

what has happenned to lillian's voice???

i'm sure she never sounded like this in the good old days of Scott!!! (the bounder!!!)

fisil Sun 04-Jan-04 18:27:22

No she didn't. The last time I considered leaving Ambridge in a girly strop was because of Scott.

This time it'd be because of that nauseating voice. Maybe I'll just switch off whenever she's on. She's only there to cause trouble anyway.

What do you reckon - a fling with Roy?

Festivefly Sun 04-Jan-04 18:30:13

Is it worth listening too? Can you follow the plot if you don't know anything about it. When is it on???? I want to be a mad archers fan

hmb Sun 04-Jan-04 18:34:10

Oh yes, get into it! It's great fun. I've been a fan for years. It is a wonderful mix of mad happenings, and small petty village life niggles. The BBC web site is worth a visit. Click on radio 4 and they have a direct link to the archers pages, that will give you lots of background information

Only one thing that you need to remember. Lizzy Archer is a mad, selfish, grasping Cow!

Of and the actor who plays David Archer seems a very nice chap and sold off his old scripts to raise money for the NSPCA. Sad old bad that I am I have one......

Festivefly Sun 04-Jan-04 18:38:00

hmb isn't that going slightly too far
i'm intrigued, i will listen and give you my verdict

fisil Sun 04-Jan-04 18:39:20

I like the pettiness too. And the fact that it is sooooo far removed from my life. Wouldn't like Eastenders, too much like real life. The other really go thing is that you find mad Archers fans in the most inlikely places.

I got into it when we lived without a TV for a couple of years. It's on at 7 p.m. and then it is repeated the next day at 2 p.m.

Listen tonight FF, and we will be here to fill in the gaps for you.

hmb Sun 04-Jan-04 18:40:33

I'm just a sad old bag that needs to get out more often!

It seemed like a nice idea at the time and it was all for Charidee!

I've had a look at the beeb site and it has a list of the characters that will fill you in on all the gossip.

Festivefly Sun 04-Jan-04 18:41:06

Can you get radio 4 on the internet?

fisil Sun 04-Jan-04 18:43:07

I think so. I sometimes listen to episodes I have missed online, but I imagine they broadcast them too.

Festivefly Sun 04-Jan-04 19:17:48

mmmm got the last five minutes, didn't have a clue what they were talking about!

hmb Sun 04-Jan-04 19:27:56

Luke was a homeless drug addict found in the church grounds and taken in by the vicar Alun. Alun has a daughter but his wife is dead and his MIL was staying with them over christmas to chaperone the daughter when Luke was about. The woman in the shop is the would be upwardly mobile Susan Carter who wants a bigger house, but they don't have much cash as Neal (DH is 'only' a pig man).

Susan did time for helping her burgler brother who was recently done for attacking horses in the Stables.........Stop, Stop this way lies madness!!!! Get out while you still can!

fisil Sun 04-Jan-04 19:29:27

no, no, no. Listen to it. Hmb, surely it is in the Archer's code of practice to encourage new adicts?

madgirl Sun 04-Jan-04 19:46:04

hey all just thought i would post to say i love love love the archers and tape the ominibus on a sunday morning! their website is cool as well, and if you work you can get away with listening to episodes you've missed! great for characters/storylines you aren't familiar with........i started listening to it when i was on maternity with ds1 and have never looked back. was very disappointed tho when brian didn't elope with siobhan, i find jennifer unbelievable self-rightous.

madgirl Sun 04-Jan-04 19:46:49

there's a who's who in the archers book too!

zebra Wed 04-Feb-04 19:02:10

Quick, Quick!! Fellow Addicts! Do we bet on Alistair being a gambling addict, then?

Janh Wed 04-Feb-04 19:08:59

Do keep up, dear!

squirmyworm Wed 04-Feb-04 19:17:40

hmb you are so right re lizzy.
Also I have particular animosity towards susan and her 'ooh neeyul, I've always wanted an en suite bathroom' phase. I used to post on the archers website but got a bit bored with it so stopped....
claim to fame - I once sat next to 'eddie grundy' at a dinner....

zebra Wed 04-Feb-04 19:18:08

Does that mean it's been covered? I thought all we had last night was the missing bank statement.

fisil Wed 04-Feb-04 19:19:15

OMG, just missed it - I switched on and got Front Row. Tell me, tell me, tell me!

zebra Wed 04-Feb-04 19:22:32

Shula had a her payment by debit card refused last week, Alistair was hanging out with Nigel playing poker, and Alistair's business has been falling off, then he claimed to "accidentally" throw out their bank statement. Not sure if we know any more...
Nothing exciting happened tonight (I think, interrupted by whinging kids).

fisil Wed 04-Feb-04 19:23:53

Thanks. I thought it would be Nigel who turned out to be the gambler (you know, genes)

Janh Wed 04-Feb-04 19:24:53

Sorry, zeb! We've been getting huge flashing arrows pointing to Alistair going "GAMBLER!!!" ever since those first few sessions at Jaxx Caff when it looked as if Nige was going to be The Loser - sudden unexplained late night business, asking for cash payments from clients because "the new girl in the office hasn't got the hang of the accounts yet", Shula's card being refused at the supermarket - those scriptwriters are funny people, sometimes they drop hints which are never followed up but this one has been building up steadily! (Of course that might mean it's going to go somewhere totally unexpected but they're not usually that subtle.)

zebra Wed 04-Feb-04 19:26:20

I yield to a superior addict.

squirmyworm Wed 04-Feb-04 19:30:18

ooh great! thanks Janh. I haven't picked that up yet (ds has taken, most inconsiderately to yelling through the archers). Does he not know it is the 'sacred time'??? I wondered what all that 'can I have a cheque now Brian' nonsense was. I think Alistair is a very unconvincing gambling addict though, personality wise. The man sounds like he'd have an anxiety attack if he had to buy a new pair of carpet slippers. Now gorgeous ric from holby - THERE'S your caddish gambler...

Janh Wed 04-Feb-04 19:31:20

Actually it's amazing I happened to catch all those bits because I don't listen so often these days (too bored by the sanctimonious vicar) but will definitely try to catch the omnibus this week.

My current rave is Eddie Mair on PM - used to do Broadcasting House on Sunday mornings before the omnibus - have you caught him at all? He is SO FUNNY.

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