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This year I will sort myself out!

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Harman Sun 04-Jan-04 15:21:51

Message withdrawn

Harman Sun 04-Jan-04 15:22:36

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Sun 04-Jan-04 15:23:17


handlemecarefully Mon 05-Jan-04 10:35:52

Don't be too hard on yourself Harman - my 'major' problems are still largely unresolved too!

fio2 Mon 05-Jan-04 10:45:07

Oh harman please dont be so hard on yourself. I feel like this alot of the time too - we are just humans at the end of the day, we all have our problems, gripes. Lots of Love from me xxxxxxx

fio2 Mon 05-Jan-04 10:46:04

also i have posted you the 0 point WW soup (well 3 actually!) on the other thread

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