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Sugest good location to move/Raisefamily/house

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GenUser Tue 30-Oct-12 13:39:37

Hi All,

I and my partner have been trying to find a location where we can raise our family.
I am an IT-consultant and my partner is an IT-contractor. We are planning to have children in very near future. We are currently renting in Bristol and want to move closer to London for our occupational needs. Since my partner is an IT-contractor, he needs to travel around and more often he gets contracts in London, sometimes around Reading, Swindon etc. I am currently working permanent in a company in Bristol and when we move closer to London, I can find a permanent job near our house. And we are not people who would buy and sell their house and move around more often. So we need to find a place where we can live for a longer period (at least 5 + years)

Some of our criteria are:
*We don?t want to get into London, anywhere around London should be ideal.
*Good location to travel to London by train and other parts by road like Slough, Maidenhead, Reading etc. These places have good public transport links to London and road links. We don?t want to live in a place like Slough. Sorry if I offend someone.
*We need a location/area where options for schools are really good. Both public and private schools.
*Obviously a safe place where we can feel confident to raise our family.
*Our budget is between 275,000 and 350,000.

As you can see our main criteria are transport link and very good schools.
We have initially identified following locations and then moved our search to other locations for various reasons like:

Reading :
Transportation links are good, but the cost of the travel to cross reading is very high. You can?t find a decent area near maniline train station. Better nearer place to train station are in Caversham, but door to door to train station from Caversham itself would take 30 mins (both ways) + train travel to London/other parts.

Location is good but no so good for transportation to London.

Location is good, school options are good. You can travel to Slough for faster train access to London or 45 mins from Datchet itself. But very less properties are there in market.

Not sure much about this location. Need to explore. Transportation links are good and part of the place is good.

Can anyone guide us in our search please? Do you have any suggestion to the above place or suggestion a new place for us? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

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