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How Mumsnet has helped me!!!

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nearlymybeetrootday Sat 03-Jan-04 11:29:51

Message withdrawn

pie Sat 03-Jan-04 11:40:40

Gave me friendship and support when I was confined to my home with SPD and horrid pregnancy.

Has taught me all sorts of things about life the universe and everything in it. Showed me that I should always walk a mile in anothe persons shoes before assuming anything.

Put me in touch with Pupuce, who has been an amazing friend and doula (which I think helped me to have a far better birth the second time round)

Has made me laugh, smile and cry.

Given me 2 dinners, a haircut and a trip to see Peter Pan with DD1

I second MN's greatness beetroot!!

mimm Sat 03-Jan-04 12:04:33

It definitely has been a source of great advice and some posters have been very kind indeed. When I had bad PND it meant that I wasn't completey isolated. Thank you.

NewThinnerDragon Sat 03-Jan-04 12:15:37

It never fails to give me something to laugh at, something to cry at, something to think about and something to appear knowledgeable about.

Hulababy Sat 03-Jan-04 12:18:15

Given me advice, reassurance and support.

Given me a laugh

Made me see my life in perspective (when reading other people's threads)

JanH Sat 03-Jan-04 12:20:22

It's like having lots of friends to talk to, listen to, laugh or cry with, and learn from, whenever you want. It is Great, beety - good thread!

WideWebWitch Sat 03-Jan-04 12:57:30

Gave me intelligent conversation and stimulating debate when I was living in the country and feeling a bit socially isolated

Gave me great and varied advice about ds's tantrums/sleep/all sorts of other things

Acts as my newspaper since I hardly ever read one or watch the news

Provided me with maternity clothes when I admitted we were broke and some very kind mumsnetters lent me some

Gave me lots of support, advice and reassurance when I was scared of childbirth second time round

Made me laugh out loud many, many times and cry at others

Has changed my view on several subjects and educated me about life with special needs children amongst other things - I agree, Pie, about the mile in someone else's shoes. I'm much slower to judge as a result of mumsnet

And I've made a lot of friends, virtual and real life ones. I think they put it well in the mumsnet book (IIRC) when someone said something like: "In life so often you can't get the right advice or don't know anyone who's been in the same situation as you: on mumsnet, though, there's always someone who knows the answer and can be bothered."

pie Sat 03-Jan-04 13:02:25

Oh forgot about making my Xmas generally very special and putting presents under my scrawny tree (SP theres a picture on its way to you)

I feel like I want to make and Oscar speech and thank everyone by name but that may chew up MN bandwith and bring the whole thing crashing down

melsy Sat 03-Jan-04 13:09:46

Absolutley bl**dy fantastic

I have used it like an online diary. Its sometimes amazing reading how far I have come being a new mum.

Stimulated my mind and intellect.

Helped me through many many problems, some serious, some trite !!!. Some of which I dont know how I would of got through withought this.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. .

Gave me an afternoon out with a new friend found on here, living in my area(& hopefully will find some more).

Made me cry alot , provoked MANY MANY emotions really.

Made me think of how others feel.

Encouraged my discussion skills - made me more thoughtful/respective in my opinion.

Helped improve my punctuation skills !!!!!??? (not sure if its worse now!!)

Also helped me with my DH , as him reading some of the responses to my plees for help have made him take me more seriously.

CountessDracula Sat 03-Jan-04 13:10:25

Blimey where to start?

Most recently stopped me from going mad and reassuring me about my glandular fever and accompanying depression.

Stopped me panicking when dd went purple and when her temperature got to 104

Provided me with mates to chat to during the day when working from home and also while I've been ill.

Made me realise that I am not a crap mum, just a normal person trying to work out how to bring up my dd like everyone else!

Made me realise how lucky I am and how in awe of some of you who manage on a lot less and in much more difficult circumstances than I do, yet still manage to stay cheerful.

Given me the opportunity to share my experiences with others, hopefully helping them along the way which makes me feel GOOD!

Thank you all xxxx

CountessDracula Sat 03-Jan-04 13:11:09

Oh and given me a lovely new friend just around the corner (you know who you are!)

verysadmum Sat 03-Jan-04 13:18:45

Where can I start???

I think you probably know how much Mumsnet now means to me. I didn't realise it did until I really needed it.

I am still completely over-whelmed by the advice, support, information, texts, emails and phone calls I've had. A few extremely kind people have also put myself and my children up, giving very valuable space and safety. I feel extremely privileged. I honestly couldn't tell you how we'd have been without it/you!

When ever I'm feeling particularly sad or lonely there is almost always someone around to talk to here.

I feel I can express myself a little more on here and feel able to talk to you honestly about my feelings more than almost all my friends and certainly my family.

If I had to name just one thing that has helped me and is helping get through my situation it is of course Mumsnet.

So thank you!

SenoraPostrophe Sat 03-Jan-04 13:24:54

Mumsnet has stopped me from going mad through isolation really as well as being my surrogate health visitor!

It has also made me feel very lucky.

Cheers everyone!

fisil Sat 03-Jan-04 16:07:23

I agree with all this. Mumsnet's great.

swanny Sat 03-Jan-04 17:12:18

are there any mumsnetters living in Battersea? Have recently moved to the area with a 3.5 year old dd but finding it hard to get to know other mums. Working full time doesn't help but i do have school holidays. Where are the places i can meet other mums (there just seems to be lots of nannies!)i feel quite isolated at the moment and would value any advice

sb34 Sat 03-Jan-04 17:16:09

Message withdrawn

dinosaur Sat 03-Jan-04 18:05:43

I posted something like this already recently but hope you will all indulge me again...

in March this year I had just got DS1's diagnosis of HFA and we'd had the "rescinded birthday party invitation" fiasco - I sat in the dark all evening drinking wine on my own and listening to Radiohead and got in a right old state...

then I discovered mumsnet and now I know that no matter what shitty thing happens I need never spend an evening like that on my own again

Better than the Samaritans, any day.

mimm Sat 03-Jan-04 18:12:17

Swanny, I live in the area but am afraid it is vital for me to preserve anonymity. However do contact NCT as there is lots going on I believe. There are so many children in this area I am sure that you will make friends soon.

wilbur Sat 03-Jan-04 18:13:36

Mumsnet has been such a brilliant discovery - useful tips and ideas (used loads of the Xmas traditions this year and loved them), lovely warm caring threads that make me feel sooo much better about the world. And funny, funny, funny - Eddie Izzard could take lesons from you guys (and I think he is GOD so that's saying something!)

swanny - I'm in Battersea with a nearly three year old ds and 8 month dd, working part time. NCT is really good around here, but if you want to meet up that would be cool as most of my close friends don't have kids and my father was ill for a long time and I didnt really keep up with my antenatal group. I'll see if you've posted on the meet up board, or you can email me.

Tortington Sat 03-Jan-04 18:41:48

gosh, you lot are just brilliant - its like a confessional - you know someone is there but as you cant see their face - its ok!

the best debates are on here - and even when it gets heated - sometimes that could be the most emotion i have felt for ages!!

thanks Mnetters your the most wonderful, honest,cruel,kind bunch o' peeps

coppertop Sat 03-Jan-04 18:43:12

I had a lot of concerns about ds1 as he was so different to other 3 year olds. I strongly suspected he was autistic but people in the 'real' world thought I was mad. When I found Mumsnet I discovered that ds1 wasn't the only child who had an obsession with computer games and washing machines or who hardly slept at night. I also discovered people who understood why I was actually relieved when I was told that my suspicions were correct. Mumsnet has made me cry like a baby at some posts and left me in fits of laughter at other posts. I feel as though I've 'met' some truly amazing people. If I ever win the Lottery I'll give a chunk of it to Mumsnet.

emmatmg Sat 03-Jan-04 18:50:44

Ditto pretty much everything you've all said.

MN is my social life as with 3 under 5 (4.5 when ds3 was born) and a DH that works horrible shifts leaving the house is just too difficult most days.

motherinferior Sat 03-Jan-04 18:55:08

My beautiful dd2 was born at home - thanks to you lot. She's still breastfed, at over six months - ditto. I cannot express how much I owe to MN.

sb34 Sat 03-Jan-04 19:05:27

Message withdrawn

Bron Sun 04-Jan-04 14:02:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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