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How long to drive Liverpool-Leeds

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indiegrrl Mon 29-Oct-12 14:10:27

Hello there, I need to go to a funeral tomorrow in Leeds from work in Liverpool. Does anyone know how long it takes to drive, please? I may have to drive back to Liverpool during the evening rush hour.

havingastress Mon 29-Oct-12 14:13:01

Depends what time you are leaving - in rush hour times can take 2+ hours no joking. Out of rush out, you could do it in an hour.

Also depends what part of Liverpool you're leaving, and whereabouts in Leeds you're going to.

(used to commute L'Pool to Leeds so know the route VERY well!)

inapineappleunderthesea Tue 30-Oct-12 01:52:50

go on multimap & put in your destination & your leaving point,it will tell u how long & also gives u the quickest route or the scenic route.

MrsShriek3 Tue 30-Oct-12 02:04:46

M62 pretty much all the way, but that said it may be a pita esp round Manchester.... would hazard a guess at an hour and a half but do what the others say and go for AA routeplanner or Mitchelin guide and see what they come up with smile

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