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What oh What can I do with my 10 year for his birthday???

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nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 16:20:59

Message withdrawn

tamum Fri 02-Jan-04 16:27:54

You are really suffering with this birthday, aren't you, you poor thing! What about a trip to the cinema to see Peter Pan? It sounds suitably scary for 10 year olds, even if it is a fairy story. We took my 9 year old to see Elf with his friends, but probably a bit late for that. If you weren't in deepest Somerset I might be able to think of a few other things, but we always had to make our own entertainment when I was growing up there, oo ar. Is a trip to @Bristol a possibility, or too far? Panto in Bristol? Ice-skating? (all things I did for birthdays at around this age, apart from @Bristol!) Don't know exactly where you are though....

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 16:30:53

Laser tag shooting game?

JJ Fri 02-Jan-04 16:32:43

I'm taking my soon to be 6 yo on an overnight train for his birthday. This is instead of a party, though. He's very excited as it was his idea (the overnight train, not it being for his birthday..).

Could you do something bigger, but just with him? We'll have a birthday playdate on his actual birthday with a very few friends.

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 16:35:51

Message withdrawn

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 16:39:29

I did laser tag (Quasar) with a whole group of work friends once. We had the place to ourselves and it was excellent. I couldn't walk the next day since I spent the whole time crouched behind a barrier picking workmates off one by one over the top! 10 year old boys would love it.

tamum Fri 02-Jan-04 16:43:44

Would ice-skating be a possibility then, or has the rink closed? It would probably be a bit of a novelty, wouldn't it?

tamum Fri 02-Jan-04 16:44:06

Forgot to say, Laserquest sounds perfect.

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 16:45:37

Message withdrawn

lavender1 Fri 02-Jan-04 16:46:55

Ten pin bowling, with drinks and snacks at hand, followed by watching movies at at house, popcorn etc, maybe one of friends could stay the night.

tamum Fri 02-Jan-04 16:47:26

Bristol, used to be!

tamum Fri 02-Jan-04 16:48:26

Here !

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 16:57:03

Message withdrawn

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 16:59:03

Having suggested both laser guns as a present and Laser Tag as a treat, I would like to point out that I'm not a gun obsessed maniac, honest!

I hope your DS enjoys his birthday, whichever treat he goes for.

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 17:02:22

Message withdrawn

NewThinnerDragon Fri 02-Jan-04 17:07:18

Hehehe. (that's a chuckle, not an evil laugh BTW)

JanH Fri 02-Jan-04 17:24:50

How many of them are there? Do they all like football? Hiring a sports hall for a 5-a-side (or 6-a-side or however many) usually goes down well. But the laser-shooting sounds good too. Not sure about ice-skating for novices - they will fall over a lot and get sore ankles! (Course they might like doing that...)

nearlymybeetrootday Fri 02-Jan-04 17:28:50

Message withdrawn

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