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Lose a stone By March 22nd Club (for all new ish mums)

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codswallop Thu 01-Jan-04 19:58:26

Ok ds3 wil be one then

need to shift a stone

you can all weigh yourselves tomorrow am, after wee but before B fast

I am very strict and will tolerate NO SLACKERS

Lisa78 Thu 01-Jan-04 20:03:02

Me, I'm in, big, fat overweight mum of 8 week old! Can't believe how enormous I am post baby, thought breastfeeding would have me back at 8 stone in about a week

clairabelle Thu 01-Jan-04 20:05:32

Me please but would probably take me until 2014 to get 'back' to 8 st!

Hulababy Thu 01-Jan-04 20:06:06

Well my DD is 20 months now and I am determined to diet starting this weekend. Not innto weighing though (never have done) but tend to go by the way my clothes fit. Hoping to follow the WW points - has worked for me in the past.

Lisa78 Thu 01-Jan-04 20:08:31

oh yuck, don't have to follow specific diet do I? Was planning on avoiding MacD's (the ee i ee i oh shop, as my friends DS calls it!) and galaxy bars instead
Says she, devouring smarties, (b --- d nestle's)

MancMum Thu 01-Jan-04 20:33:08

OK count me in - will be blaming my blobby body on kids when they are 18 if I dont get started soon - so I can lose a stone for DS (aged 4) and another for DD (7 months) - to get to 8 stone would require amputation of too many essential limbs.

Have to say that I am deeply disappointed that the breastfeeding diet did not result in huge weightloss despite fact that both babies were enormous as a result of my obsession that just one more feed a day would result in model like figure...

Will weigh tomorrow - I can already hear my screams as I realise I possibly weigh more now than morning of birth!


Wills Thu 01-Jan-04 20:58:19

I'm in! dd2 is almost 21 weeks. Lost 11 pounds before christmas using weight watchers bf programme however have probably put most of that back on during my holiday and the christmas week ! Would be good to have others doing this! I'll let you know my weight tomorrow. dd1 is 4 on the 9th March and so will be aiming for as much as poss by then

codswallop Thu 01-Jan-04 21:23:09

well.. i am not sure if you all have the commitment required, weighing essential I am afid Claire so no pooffing around with waistbands....

no alcohol or take aways....

codswallop Thu 01-Jan-04 21:23:56

No excuses for periods BTW

codswallop Thu 01-Jan-04 21:28:53

br where are you then, bloater?

Lisa78 Thu 01-Jan-04 21:30:54

Can I have alcohol and takeaways if I don't eat for a week to make up for it?

Beccarollover Thu 01-Jan-04 21:36:22

hey hey hey mrs!! i was just actually polishing off two slices of toast with marmite - I miss toast when Im on a diet as dont tend to eat much bread

Is it ok if im following my weight watchers? therefore may be having alcohol but all within my points allowance?

Im CRINGEING already about tomorrow - all public weights yeah?

Im up for it and totally commited, Im NOT going to waste all of my effort from before christmas

princessinapeartree Thu 01-Jan-04 22:09:10

count me in!
coddy you can be fascist about weighing in, but not fascist about the mode of weight loss - do whatever works for you all (just looking after you becca and your glass of wine of an evening!)

I am going to be following a charming little book called "the Fat Burning Diet". No idea what it involves but with a name like that I had to buy the book!

Right, now off to have my last choc...

Beccarollover Thu 01-Jan-04 22:10:51

bugger, forgot about all of the boxes of chocs in the cupboard - wonder if i could polish them all off before i go to bed!

thanks for protecting my right to party pph - down coddy down stop biting my ankles

wilbur Thu 01-Jan-04 22:40:48

I'm in too, need to lose 2 stone or I will have to throw out all my clothes. I've just finished feeding dd and she is a whale, so why am I not a sylph? Might be something to do with the very delicious chocolate mousse I made for NYE. Hmmm, still two portions left, might go and have one now, for old times' sake.

emmatmg Fri 02-Jan-04 08:08:26

Ohhhh can I join in too?
DS3 is 3 months now and by the time DS1+2 were this age I was already back in my own clothes.....some of them new smaller sized ones. This time however I still in some of the new larger size ones.

No scales in the house so will go to Boots and do the weigh in there.......IN PUBLIC......eeekkkkkk

codswallop Fri 02-Jan-04 08:14:57

10st 8

you can subtract say 2lbs for clothes emma

codswallop Fri 02-Jan-04 08:16:12

LOl at rebecca binging to fill her little cheeks wiht toat for the coming months.

may introduce dieting club nicknames.

br = thehamster

clairabelle Fri 02-Jan-04 08:18:22

suffice to say a lot !!

Lisa78 Fri 02-Jan-04 08:24:13

9 stone 11 - so at least not into double figures as I had feared! Only 1 stone 11lb over pre preg weight...
C'mon clairabelle, give it up for mumsnet, how much?

Beccarollover Fri 02-Jan-04 08:25:24

Right well the hamster has weighed and Im 11 stone exactly (bleurgh) so will be 10 stone by March 22nd


clairabelle Fri 02-Jan-04 08:27:35

sorry Lisa ds crying must go ....(scuttles off at alarming pace)

Lisa78 Fri 02-Jan-04 08:41:26

someone drag that woman to the scales and the computer

codswallop Fri 02-Jan-04 08:57:31

chicken, come on

br are yo going to buy some scales? they are very cheap!!

codswallop Fri 02-Jan-04 09:02:02

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