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News: Safari crash

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lavender1 Thu 01-Jan-04 18:46:20

Just heard on news that 8 people killed in a minibus coming back from Safari in Africa, Mother and man travelling back today, please pray they're not in it and anyone's elses loved ones!

codswallop Thu 01-Jan-04 18:47:55

the names are on the bbc site

JanH Thu 01-Jan-04 19:52:07

The names are here , lavender - except for one couple whose family haven't been notified yet. These people were on their way to a park so were probably staying longer than your mum. Very sad.

The bus swerved to avoid a woman trying to get herself killed by it, and she died anyway. Awful.

lavender1 Thu 01-Jan-04 20:04:23

Thanks JanH, checked their names a short while ago, happy but not happy if you know what I mean.

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