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Micro-Machines: Stunt City - aaargh

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willow2 Wed 31-Dec-03 16:51:21

Is it just me, or is this toy a nightmare to close? Talking of nightmare toys - why do they all have so many blxxdy little bits that get everywhere except where they are supposed to be? Bah humbug. Nominations for biggest pile of plastic cxxp now open.

codswallop Wed 31-Dec-03 21:42:25

I will ask ds1 and get him to explain it - you have to take some bits off

suzywong Wed 31-Dec-03 21:44:18

32 piece tool set
32 pieces not including thousands and millions of nuts and bolts.
Worse part is, was gift from doting granny so cannot be ungrateful. maybe she is getting her revenge for having to tidy up after my lego all those years ago.

stupidgirl Wed 31-Dec-03 21:52:24

All the bloody plastic crap my kids have amassed over the last week...I wish relatives wouldn't bother rather than buying cheap rubbish...

Ungrateful cow aren't I???

codswallop Wed 31-Dec-03 21:53:01

a littel harsh!!

suzywong Wed 31-Dec-03 21:53:53

It is quite overwhelming isn't it?
I agree, really don't bother, or give the money you would have spent to Barnados or save up and buy something they really need.

What an ungrateful mare I am!

codswallop Wed 31-Dec-03 21:54:37

ds3 got cash(he is 9 months)

stupidgirl Wed 31-Dec-03 22:47:44

Exactly suzy. It might be harsh, but my (tiny) flat is being cluttered with stuff we don't need and will probably be broken within a few weeks - what with a doll which looks more like a bloomin blow up doll, a dolls high chair which keeps falling apart, about 10 million cars for ds, a whopping great fire engine on which the ladder has broken, a cheapy plastic dolls house (WHERE exactly is *that* going to go???), several sets of felt tips (which have had to be put away, along with all the others as dd writes on everything otherwise) and colouring books....need I go on???

I know I sound ungrateful. I appreciate the thought, but to be honest in a lot of cases I don't think very much thought *has* gone into it....Oh, I don't know, it's just very frustrating.

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