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new year superstition

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ames Wed 31-Dec-03 11:13:48

Can anybody tell me wether it is washing clothes on New Years Day or New Years Eve which is meant to 'wash someone away' In previous years I've not washed clothes on either day just to be on the safe side but ds has been sick and I could do with putting a load on!
Oh and if you could explain why I'd be really gratefull!

popsycal Wed 31-Dec-03 11:14:48

never heard of this one...a good excuse though for me to procrastinate for longer still....
does it include any other hosuework ?

Twinkie Wed 31-Dec-03 11:16:37

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Wed 31-Dec-03 12:20:20

Oh no! - I wish I hadn't read that. Had never heard of it before, but now I'll never be able to put the washing machine on on New Year's Eve / Day ever again!!

Confucius Wed 31-Dec-03 12:28:10

Confucius say: No wash sick-covewed clothes for 2 days is good way to spwead sickness bug to entiwe family. Confucius wisew than New Yeals' superstistan.

StuffedDragon Wed 31-Dec-03 13:07:15

Have a look here for a few more superstitions. It says you shouldn't do laundry on New Year's Day.

handlemecarefully Wed 31-Dec-03 13:17:19

I'm glad you've posted that StuffedDragon because its brought me to my senses and demonstrated what a load of old ballcocks it is . I was especially put out by the 'first footer' superstition which says it has to be a man first through the door after midnight, because if its a woman she will bring disaster upon the household. What medieval mysogynist crap!

Mind you despite all this bravado - I still might put the washing on tonight rather than tomorrow!

Lou33 Wed 31-Dec-03 13:23:21

Blimey Stuffed dragon, you are the font of all knowledge! Where do you get all this stuff from?!

Angeliz Wed 31-Dec-03 13:40:48

Oh, this is good i am SO superstitious! I was told 3 different things about seeing one magpie so now whenever i see one i bow three times, spit three times and say Mornin' mister magpie three times!
I'm sure i don't looke very sane when i do this!
No washing for me today then

Jimjams Wed 31-Dec-03 13:50:14

New Years Day- washes your family away. I'm getting through loads today. Can you use the dryer on new years day?

Remember when I was 15 and needed to wash something for Jan 2nd. My mum wouldn't ket me put it in the wash until midnight!

verysadmum Wed 31-Dec-03 14:02:11

Good site!!

Kissing - My h and I didn't kiss straight away as we had company! so maybe it's true!!! Who will I snog this year??

First footing?? Does anyone know of any dark-haired, tall, and good-looking SINGLE men?

Washing - well If I could guarantee who it was then I'd do extra loads!!!!

ames Wed 31-Dec-03 15:20:27

Thanks for that everyone - am confidently oging to put Mr Bunny Rabbit and the sicky playmat in the wash immediatly!
P.s it's not a bug just ds's never ending reflux (9 months and still going strong but thats anoher thread!)

Linnet Thu 01-Jan-04 22:26:15

Oh I am so dooomed, lol

I did a wash of clothes and Dh took out the bin which was overflowing. Oh well, lol

Chinchilla Thu 01-Jan-04 22:37:55

Oops...I did washing, and took the rubbish out. Dh and I didn't kiss at midnight either.

JanH Thu 01-Jan-04 22:44:16

I've done washing today too - and DH and I kissed before midnight because he had a cold and was knackered and went to bed early. Is that covered? Or are we DOOOOMED too?

Lou33 Thu 01-Jan-04 22:47:50

Dh wasn't even here at midnight, and all I have done today is laundry.

Chinchilla Thu 01-Jan-04 22:55:30

Well, that's our years buggered then

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