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help finding a sofa bed

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valiant Sun 26-Mar-06 13:15:52

not sure which subject to put this under but we are having trouble finding one.I ordered one from argos 5 weeks ago and have just got a letter saying it is one month delayed.(they have had my money since the transaction!!) Thing is I need one for my sister when she stays early may.
I have found one on ebay which looks good but is quite good but a little too much pine(could cover with throw)

Do any of you know of any shops that sell sofa beds that I havent thought of.

have done freemans,mfi,argos..

many thanks

valiant Sun 26-Mar-06 13:17:26

P.s I might add I know I still have time for argos one but have lost faith in case they have another delay and the fact that they seem to be the only retailer who takes your money before dispatching the goods!grr!

nailpolish Sun 26-Mar-06 13:25:59


valiant Sun 26-Mar-06 14:09:03

thanks nailpolish..have tried ikea all a bit uncomfortable and metal looking thanks tho

nannyme Sun 26-Mar-06 19:34:15

Have you tried

Think delivery is 4 weeks though

valiant Sun 26-Mar-06 20:19:43

thanks but all too big! arrghh!!!!

kitty4paws Sun 26-Mar-06 20:36:08

Haven't seen this one, but I am hoping to order one soon, it just looks like cool ! and not to big .

sofa bed

valiant Mon 27-Mar-06 13:35:23

thanks kitty that loks really cool but only medium ones available.thanks tho

chatee Sun 07-Sep-08 18:40:24


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