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21st birthday presents-what did you give yr child or what did you get?

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ggirl Sun 14-Oct-12 11:35:25

dd is 21 soon
she got a ring for her 18th so jewellery (is that how you spell it?) is out

ggirl Sun 14-Oct-12 20:16:05


InSPsFanjoNoOneHearsYouScream Sun 14-Oct-12 20:18:25

I got cup, a key, a huge wine glass, a keyring all with 21 on.

Also got money, jewellery, perfume, flowers.

It was only last year but can't remember what else!

Think a few bottles of alcohol too.

Was going to suggest a Tiffany key - think that's what we might get dd1 for her 18th (need to start saving up!). If jewellery is out, how about a 'good' leather bag?

My uncle bought me a travel bag for my 18th, many years ago. I used it for at least 10 years - great idea.

ggirl Sun 14-Oct-12 20:24:42

hmm travel something is a good idea

Panzee Sun 14-Oct-12 20:25:02

I can't remember. Money maybe.

frantic51 Sun 14-Oct-12 20:25:53

DD1 got a watch last year. A seriously good one. It's a family tradition. But I suppose that's jewellery. hmm

DizzyPurple Sun 14-Oct-12 20:26:36

We bought my Dd a Mac laptop. That's what she wanted! Actually we bought half and my parents bought the other half. She was very pleased.

deleted203 Sun 14-Oct-12 20:27:24

Hmm..not got one of 21 yet but DD got a Pandora bracelet for her 18th so we were thinking of adding charms.

ggirl Sun 14-Oct-12 20:28:15

watch would be nice..but she's afraid of losing it

ggirl Sun 14-Oct-12 20:29:44

Mac laptop is lurvely present but too £££ I'm afraid

DizzyPurple Sun 14-Oct-12 20:32:59

We bought my Dd a Mac laptop. That's what she wanted! Actually we bought half and my parents bought the other half. She was very pleased.

LeeCoakley Sun 14-Oct-12 20:34:57

I'm having this dilemma too. We got dd1 a main present of a necklace for her 18th. Unfortunately dd2 is 18 the same week as dd1 is 21 so money is going to be tight. We have a savings account for her so I suppose this would be a good as time as any to hand it over to her but want something for her to keep as well.

LeeCoakley Sun 14-Oct-12 20:36:06

Actually a ring's not a bad idea..... It could match the necklace....

juneybean Sun 14-Oct-12 20:37:46

I got a party <feels like Neil from Inbetweeners>

LaFataTurchina Sun 14-Oct-12 20:39:31

I got a flute for my 21st.

Really should dig it out more often. I bet I can only remember how to play scales and Christmas carols.

Doha Wed 14-Nov-12 14:55:46

DD1 got a Tiffany necklace and bracelet and DS got an old fashioned record player ( he is very retro!!!). Both were given their savings book started when they were born.

DD2 will be lucky to see her 21st as she is driving me nuts, probably buy her a tent to encourage her to move out wink

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