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Trying to find Charity Appeal for baby clothes for Afganistan Refugees

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ali72 Sun 30-Dec-01 10:09:37

Having seen reports from the refugee camps that 50 babies and children are dying a night from exposure I wanted to donate some warm baby clothes. I searched all over the internet and newspapers but can't find any appeals for this kind of donation. Does anyone know of any charities that are sending clothes to the camps? Or am I being naive and is a money the best thing to give? I just feel that I have lots of clothes that could help save someone else's baby.

jolene Sun 30-Dec-01 21:44:34

What a great idea. I have wondered in the past about where is the best place to donate childrens clothes. I have loads of good stuff which I would love to give to some families who could use it. I do not know of any agencies which pass on kids clothes to needy families ( as opposed to charity shops). Anyone got any ideas?

robinw Mon 31-Dec-01 07:18:07

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robinw Mon 31-Dec-01 07:51:10

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SueDonim Mon 31-Dec-01 12:18:31

I know this doesn't help the Afghans, but our Health Visitor team has approached the local branch of NCT, of which I'm a member, asking for baby clothing for less well-off parents. The Salvation Army might also be interested, as may the local Women's Refuge Centre, because sometimes women have to leave home abruptly, unable to pack any possessions.

Purp Sat 09-Mar-02 11:17:10

I too wanted to pass clothes etc straight to those who needed them. I asked my health visitor and she was very grateful to receive them for a Family Centre nearby where less well off families could use them. So ask your health visitor if she knows of somewhere.

Lindy Sat 09-Mar-02 20:10:17

Have to agree with Purp & others about passing things on to local families, I am friendly with a midwife so give her stuff & she knows immediately where there is a need.

I believe that the logistics of getting clothes etc overseas are very, very difficult & expensive (despite the TV stories) and can take months.

Our local old people's home used to love to knit squares for blankets to send overseas but have been asked not to now - because it is just so difficult to send the blankets out there - seems a real shame as it was a way in which the older folks really felt they were making a contribution - sorry this is completely going off the subject now!

SueW Sat 09-Mar-02 22:37:28

Ditto from here about asking your health visitor - I had a huge clearout before we went to Australia and took two carloads of stuff to our local women's refuge - children's and women's clothing (mine, my sister's and my mum's, in all ranging from sizes 12 - 20), toys, baby equipment e.g. pushchair, magazines, etc.

It was a relief to get it out of my house and great to think that I could make a difference to someone's life - someone may have worn something we donated to an interview and been successful when the only clothes she had initially were the ones she had fled the house in.

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