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Anyone live in Ashford in Kent ?????

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nutcracker Mon 29-Dec-03 22:58:58

I have possibility of moving there and have never been and don't know anything about the place. would appreciate any info good or bad. Thanx xxx

Lou33 Mon 29-Dec-03 23:30:58

I think Fio2 is moving that way shortly.

sb34 Mon 29-Dec-03 23:35:55

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Mon 29-Dec-03 23:39:49

Hrmm - Well i'm assuminmg it would be a council estate as it's a local authority swap. The road name is Frittenden Close if any ones heard of it ??. I live in birmingham now so am used to over population (especially in my flat)

popsycal Mon 29-Dec-03 23:42:34

here is is i think

nutcracker Mon 29-Dec-03 23:47:06

Yeah been on that yesterday POPS (thanx anyway). I suppose what i want to know is, is it worth leaving family and friends for. Taking into account that i would be moving from 2 bed flat to 4 bed house ?????

Harman Tue 30-Dec-03 09:44:45

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Tue 30-Dec-03 13:12:56

Thanx HARMAN any info much appreciated. We live on housing association estate now which isn't to bad. Really worried about accepting somewhere worse than where i am.

tallulah Tue 30-Dec-03 20:45:13

I'm just round the corner from Frittenden Close! It IS on the estate with the dodgy reputation, but the houses are very nice- well planned & roomy. Butter/Sabbath- (whatever she's calling herself now) lives on the estate and is happy there.

They are trying to do up the whole estate & do away with its bad reputation. There is a new family centre locally where they have things like computer classes for adults as well as kids activities. That is walking distance. There is a decent bus service & we have the MacArthur Glenn outlet centre.

If you need to know anything specific please ask!

Harman Tue 30-Dec-03 20:54:16

Message withdrawn

santafio2 Tue 30-Dec-03 21:18:07

lou stop telling everyone my bloody secrets!

i am not moving to ashford but tallulah and sabbath live there and i will reply better but i can never use the puter whilst dh is at home....he hogs it!

santafio2 Tue 30-Dec-03 21:21:33

i did look at ashford though and i thought it was nice..i wont be that far from there.

has everyone changed there names back?....formally fio2

marlou Tue 30-Dec-03 21:52:25

I used to live in Folkestone which is 20 min drive away from Ashford, its not a bad part of the world (much nicer than the w.midlands where I am now) If I had the choice would move back to the south east. Parts of AShford have had bad reputations but I don't think it could be any worse than B'ham (going by all the shootings etc that have been on the news in recent years) (sorry bit doom and gloom but I would feel safer raising my child in Ashford as opposed to B'ham)

nutcracker Tue 30-Dec-03 23:17:02

Thanx for all of the replies I think if i consider it any further than i will go and have a good look. It was being advertised on an housing exchange site that i am registered on. The only other one of interest was in Slough, Berkshire ????

tallulah Wed 31-Dec-03 21:10:12

Fio2, where ARE you moving to?

Harman, hi, haven't been around much. (Always a child on the computer..)

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